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The 14-man Roster of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team for the World League Finals in the United States

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The 14-man Roster of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team for the World League Finals in the United States

The Chinese women’s volleyball team’s 14-man roster for their upcoming matches in the United States has been released. After completing the Korean sub-station of the World League, the team flew directly to the United States. If everything goes well in the next 10 days, the team will prepare for the World League Finals with the same 14 players from the first three stations. However, fans were disappointed as Zhu Ting, a favorite player, was not included in the roster.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team has performed well in the first three rounds of the world league, winning 8 out of 12 matches. This reflects the team’s current level of play. Under the leadership of coach Cai Bin, the team has fostered a harmonious atmosphere, unity, and friendship. The players understand the importance of working together as a team, rather than focusing on individual achievements.

There have been indications that Zhu Ting is not popular among her teammates. This was evident when Yuan Xinyue, who recently joined the team in the United States, posted a message supporting the team without mentioning her long-time teammates. Gong Xiangyu also interacted with Yuan Xinyue, further hinting at the strained relationship with Zhu Ting.

The main attackers, Li Yingying, Wang Yuntuo, Zhong Hui, and Du Qingqing, are eager to prove themselves, especially the substitutes Zhong Hui and Du Qingqing. The team’s first opponent in the finals is the Brazilian women’s volleyball team. In their previous encounter, the Chinese team defeated the Brazilians in five sets, which boosted their confidence. Gao Yi, who is known for her execution ability, will play a crucial role in executing offensive tactics.

In the supporting position, Gong Xiangyu and Zheng Yixin will play key roles against the Brazilian team. Gabi, Taisa, and other star players have returned to the Brazilian team, making it a challenging match for the Chinese team. Free agents Wang Mengjie and Ni Feifan will be responsible for defending against Gabi’s high attack efficiency. Setters Diao Linyu and Xu Xiaoting will be crucial for China’s offense and defense.

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Coach Cai Bin has selected a 14-man roster which he believes is the best choice for the upcoming matches. Zhu Ting, who is still recovering from injuries, does not have a strong willingness to play for the national team. The team is confident that they can perform well even without her. It is unnecessary for Cai Bin to force her to come back.

In conclusion, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is gearing up for the World League Finals with their 14-man roster. The team’s performances in the first three rounds have been promising, and they are ready to face their first opponent, the Brazilian team. Despite the absence of Zhu Ting, the team remains determined to succeed.

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