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The 2023 Shanxi First Pickleball Happy Sports Experience Tournament: A New Era of Pickleball in Shanxi Province

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Title: The 2023 Shanxi First Pickleball Happy Sports Experience Tournament Kicks Off

Date: July 14, 2023

The city of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province welcomed a new summer sports activity—the 2023 Shanxi First Pickleball Happy Sports Experience Tournament. The event commenced at 10:00 am on July 13 at Kimchi Pengpeng Pickle Ball Sports Park. The opening ceremony not only marked the start of the tournament but also announced the introduction of a new way of promoting national health and fitness.

Esteemed guests, including Su Yajun (Chairman of Shanxi Provincial Sports Federation), Du Rong (Deputy Director of Shanxi Provincial Sports Bureau), Gao Bo (Deputy Director of Taiyuan People’s Congress), and representatives from various sports associations and organizations, attended the release ceremony. The event was witnessed by youth, middle-aged, and elderly representatives, as well as basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis players. Together, they demonstrated their excitement by participating in the citizen experience activities and picking up their rackets to kick off the tournament.

Supported by the Shanxi Sports Association, the opening ceremony was officiated by Chairman Su Yajun. The event had a significant impact on the pickleball community in Shanxi as it represented the official entry of the sport into the province. Through this initiative, the 2023 Pickleballs brought a fresh and innovative sports experience to the “Kimchi Bang Bang Pickle Ball Sports Park.”

With a history of only 50 years, pickleball is a rising sport that originated in the United States in 1965. It has gained significant popularity and recognition worldwide. In fact, UNESCO designated October 10th as “World Pickleball Day” in 2020. The sport combines technical elements from table tennis, badminton, and tennis, making it unique and enjoyable for players. Its characteristics, including fun, fitness, age-appropriateness, affordability, and safety, have contributed to its rapid growth. Pickleball has already garnered participation from millions of people in the United States, Europe, and various Asian countries. It has even been included as a performance event for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

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To promote pickleball in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Xiangsheng Brand Management Co., Ltd. introduced the sport to fill the gap in the region’s pickleball offerings. This led to the grand opening of Kimchi Pengpeng Pickle Ball Sports Park at the Shanxi Provincial Stadium on July 13.

Spanning an area of 2,550 square meters, the park comprises a member hall and a field area, accommodating up to 500 people simultaneously. With eight professional-level competition fields, it is the first professional and standardized pickleball sports park in Shanxi, promising a unique and satisfying experience for sports enthusiasts.

The park, named after the famous “PONGPONG!” sound made during pickleball gameplay, aims to provide a lighthearted and decompressed environment for visitors. The founding team behind Kimchi Pong Pong, led by Ms. Han Yaxi and Mr. Liang Zefeng, are passionate pickleball enthusiasts. The brand strategy, supported by Mr. Liu Wei and Mr. Gao Yiwei’s design presentation, played a significant role in the creation of Kimchi Pong Pong.

The inauguration of the Pickleball Sports Park in Kimchi Pengpeng marks a new era for pickleball in Shanxi Province. It is expected to attract sports enthusiasts to showcase their skills, exercise, and have fun. Additionally, the commercial advantages of the park aim to spread the importance and charm of pickleball across the country, encouraging more people to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

As a sport that welcomes participants of all ages and genders, pickleball combines elements from various racket sports, providing an inclusive and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s building team culture, fostering growth in children and adolescents, or promoting health among the elderly, pickleball offers a means to exercise, improve coordination skills, and enhance reaction speed. Furthermore, the sport enables participants to connect with like-minded individuals and enjoy the camaraderie of sports.

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With the launch of Pickleball Sports Park in Kimchi Pengpeng, Shanxi Province is poised to become a hub for pickleball enthusiasts. The tournament seeks to further promote the sport by establishing a professional pickleball team and inviting players from around the country to experience the joy of the game in Shanxi.

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