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The group is complete Gotti is hiding the form he wants to use

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From “we have to raise the bar” said by Gerard Deulofeu, to that “We are a bit disappointed after the last game and we know we have to score points in the next games” confessed by captain Bram Nuytinck, the step is short. The common goal at Juventus is, in fact, the success to be brought home on Sunday, when the statements made before the gala dinner for the 125 years, in which the bianconeri participated the other night, “will be zero” and only the facts will count. All topics that Luca Gotti knows well, also because he is directly interested in a result that could have a weight of more than three points for him too.

The pressure to write the sign “1” in the box relating to the Friuli match will come with the approach of the 12.30 lunch match, but in the meantime Bruseschi continued to work with good humor to be the master. Not only that, Gotti was able to work again with the group at his complete disposal, a huge advantage when compared to that of his colleague Shevchenko from Genoa. All this leads to a simple consideration of reference, linked to the burden of not only individual choices, but also tactical ones. The post-match in Turin led two players to talk about the form, with the preferences of Forestieri and Arslan which sounded like an invitation to a change, to a four-man defense, and therefore to a return to the tactics on which Udinese founded the success on Sassuolo. Gotti will decide what to do between today and tomorrow, but in the meantime yesterday he already made his first deliveries during the match that concluded the afternoon training session. Close to the challenge, Udinese will train in the late morning in the last two sessions. –


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