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The Hangzhou Asian Games Village Closes as Attention Shifts to the Asian Paralympic Village

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Hangzhou Asian Games Village Officially Closes as Asian Paralympic Village Set to Open

October 11 marked the official closure of the Hangzhou Asian Games Village after 33 successful days of hosting athletes, team officials, technical officials, and media reporters. The village received a total of 19,067 participants since its pre-opening on September 9.

The Asian Games Village provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere, leaving behind unforgettable memories for all who experienced it. The opening ceremony and welcoming ceremony for the Chinese sports delegation on September 16 were particularly memorable events.

To celebrate the Asian Games coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Asian Games Village hosted a festive gala featuring dancing, acrobatics, singing, and more. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy, creating a splendid celebration for all.

Throughout its operation, the village also provided daily activities and cultural performances. The venues were constantly full of spectators, enjoying traditional folk cultural activities in the Lohas market and cultural huts.

The Athletes Village Cultural House in the Asian Games Village showcased the integration of technology and traditional Chinese practices. Intelligent seal cutting and AI portrait robots amazed participants, while traditional Chinese massages received high praise and frequent requests from athletes.

The village’s guest books and thank-you letters showcased a diverse range of languages, demonstrating the multicultural aspect of the Asian Games. These messages became a bridge connecting participants and capturing the beauty of the Asian Games Village in their hearts.

As the Hangzhou Asian Games Village closed its doors, the conversion of the village into the Asian Paralympic Village for the 4th Asian Paralympic Games will commence immediately. The Asian Paralympic Village will be pre-opened on October 14th and officially opened on October 16th.

The Hangzhou Asian Games and Paralympic Villages have provided outstanding facilities and accommodations for athletes from across Asia. These villages serve as a testament to the city’s commitment to the successful organization of major international sporting events.

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