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The infusion that everyone is talking about: goodbye to cellulite

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The infusion that everyone is talking about: goodbye to cellulite

03/22/2023 at 10:39


This drink reduces the waist and eliminates cellulite thanks to its properties

Natural drinks help to avoid fluid retention and have a more defined body

To have an enviable physique it is important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, which include a healthy diet that eliminates ultra-processed and where sport is a recurring habit.

Exercising is good for our body both mentally and physically, so it is important practice sports two to three times a weekto avoid a sedentary lifestyle and improve the diet: abandoning sugary products such as sweets, soft drinks or industrial pastries.

A diet focused on fruits, vegetables and proteins will produce results in your physique and improve your mood. It is important acquire these habits little by little to be able to maintain them in the long term without resulting in a sacrifice.

To complement this healthy lifestyle you can incorporate natural infusions that lose weight and end fluid retention.

Its preparation only takes a few minutes and you can combine the ingredients depending on the result you are looking for: reduce stress, eliminate cellulite, lower cholesterol, control diabetes…

The fat burning drink that eliminates cellulite

One of the best infusions that you should try to improve your physique and eliminate cellulite is: pineapple ginger teaa fat burning drink that speeds up metabolism and prevents calories from accumulating as fat deposits.

In addition, it helps digestive health because it prevents stomach heaviness and heartburn and speeds up intestinal transit at each meal. Its large amount of fiber, regulates blood sugar, fights constipation and regulates intestinal transit. It also works like natural pain reliever

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How to prepare a pineapple tea with ginger to lose weight

1. Finely chop the ginger and add it to a liter of boiling water.

2. Cut two pineapple slices into pieces and put them in the mixture.

3. When it comes to a boil, lower the temperature to a minimum and let it rest for about five minutes.

4. Strain it and let it cool.

You can drink this infusion up to three times a day.

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