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The Lakers Officially Sign 6 Players, But Questions Remain for Lewis’ Contract and the 14th Player Choice

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The Lakers Officially Sign 6 Players, But Questions Remain for Lewis’ Contract and the 14th Player Choice

The Lakers Officially Announce Signing of 6 Players, 3 Players Yet to Sign: Lewis’ Contract in Doubt, 14th Player Option

On July 7th, the Los Angeles Lakers made several announcements on their official Twitter account, revealing the signings of multiple players. The team displayed photos and extended official welcomes to the newly-signed athletes.

First on the list was Cam Reddish, who signed a 2-year contract worth $4.36 million. The deal includes a player option for the second year. Following this, the Lakers secured Hachimura Base with a 3-year contract worth $51 million. The agreement does not allow for any player options and is fully guaranteed.

Not stopping there, the Lakers also signed Prince on a one-year contract worth $4.5 million. This signing was made through the use of the biennial exception. Jax Hayes was also welcomed to the Lakers with a 2-year deal, earning a basic salary of $4.63 million. Additionally, Hayes has a player option for the second year.

Vincent inked a three-year contract worth $33 million, which falls slightly under the full mid-level exception of $12.45 million. Finally, Austin Reeves signed a highly valued 4-year contract worth $56.2 million, attracting attention from the Spurs due to their high regard for Reeves. This signing makes use of the Lakers’ early bird rights renewal.

While the Lakers made official announcements about the signings of these 6 players, there are still three players whose signings have yet to be confirmed. Among them are D’Angelo Russell, who is expected to sign a two-year contract worth $37 million. In addition, the team has yet to make official announcements regarding the rookie contracts of Sifino (No. 17 pick) and Maxwell-Lewis (No. 40 pick). There is a high probability that these three signings will be announced together.

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Notably, Sifino displayed an impressive performance in the recent Summer League game, achieving 20 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds. This was an improvement from his performance in the first game, where he scored 15 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds. As for Lewis, he scored 7 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds in his debut, but was unable to continue his scoring streak in the second game.

Regarding Lewis’ contract, there is some uncertainty due to the second-round pick’s ability to sign a 4/3/2-year contract. For example, the Kings signed the No. 34 pick, Colby-Jones, to a four-year second-round contract worth $8.76 million. On the other hand, the No. 43 pick, Luper, received a three-year contract with the third year not fully guaranteed like the first two years. As a result, Lewis’ contract remains in doubt, but it is expected that his average salary will not exceed $2 million.

With the 13-man roster complete, the Lakers now need to fill their 14th player spot with an inside player. The team has expressed interest in Ball and Wood, but there are also free agents available such as Biyombo, Harrell, Gabriel, Tristan Thompson, and Ewart Seven. Lakers’ General Manager, Pelinka, will ultimately make the decision, ensuring the team enters the new season with a well-rounded roster. Who do you think the Lakers will ultimately sign for the 14th spot?

Text written by Yan Xiaobai’s Basketball Dream, originally published on Sohu.

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