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the most social football teams in Italy – Sport Marketing News

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the most social football teams in Italy – Sport Marketing News

A research Sensemakers in collaboration with Primaonline has unveiled the social ranking of Italian football teams. At the top is the Juventus: interactions on the five main platforms in one month went from 44.9 million in December to 54 million (+20%) in January, with TikTok taking the lion’s share. Juventus videoviews, on the other hand, rose from 253.6 million to 289.5 million (+14%). In second place the Roma with 41.5 million interactions, practically doubling the result of the previous month, and also bringing home a 100% increase in views, to 250.7 million, which brought it close to the top.
At a distance remained the Milanese, who exchanged third and fourth place, with theInter to 29.4 million interactions and the Milan (down in net competitive results) to 25.4 million. Of note is the strong growth of Napoli, the big favorite for the Scudetto, which in fifth position doubled the number of interactions (17.7 million) and tripled the number of video views (+251%). It should be noted that this time thirteen out of fifteen teams exceed the threshold of one million interactions, with the Parma (tenth at 1.3 million with 7.1 million videoviews) and the Cagliari (eleventh with 1.3 million and 5.4 million interactions) which represent Serie B clubs in the ranking.

The Juventus video with the most interactions in the month of January was that of the Juventus greeting to Cristiano Ronaldo, who left in January for his new Arab football adventure (it makes 2.8 million interactions on TikTok).
Roma which, as mentioned, multiplied all their performances, ‘win’ also on this indicator and are present with two content out of three dedicated to the forward Paulo Dybala. And the former, in particular, with over 4 million hits again on the Chinese platform, beats all those of its main competitors, including Juventus.

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In the ranking of Paid Partnerships, the month of January recorded a trend increase in post branded content, in particular for AC Milan which doubled the number of partnerships on Facebook. At the top, on this platform, the main sponsor of the Rossoneri was Skrill, while Banco BPM excelled on Instagram.

In the Top 3 Best Performing Posts of Italian football teams, two out of three contents of the nerazzurri are published on TikTok, which find the highest degree of engagement on this platform with a video that introduces a special football ‘Saturday night’ and another video which celebrates the victory of the Super cup over the cousins ​​of Milan.
For the Rossoneri, no longer in the standings, it is however relevant to observe how TikTok content drives the greatest engagement, beating Instagram content.

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