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The Olympics did not defeat the “declining America”, China sighed

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China missed the Tokyo Olympics by a difference in the number of gold medals. Until the closing day, China has maintained the lead in the number of gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics. Although the total number of gold, silver and bronze medals in the United States far exceeds China, China has always hoped that gold medals will win the United States. China has previously severely criticized the US media for its shameless behavior in ranking the winners and losers by the total number of medals. However, the East Olympics gold medal winner handed back to the United States, causing China to sigh.

According to a report by the Central News Agency, the US team defeated Brazil 3-0 in the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Volleyball final at around 2 pm on the 8th, winning the first Olympic gold medal in the history of the US women’s volleyball team. Let the United States overtake China to win the medal table. Afterwards, news of China’s defeat in the women’s boxing middleweight gold medal match came one after another. China sighed. The gold medal champion that remained until the closing day was handed back to the so-called “evil American emperor.”

In the low tide of US-China relations and the anti-American atmosphere of national tone and emotion, China too needed a gold medal count to overwhelm the United States in the Olympic Games to relieve its sullenness, but it missed it in the afternoon of the last day of the Tokyo Olympics, leaving behind. More than 1 billion people sighed in front of mobile phones, computers and TV screens.

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Although the number of gold medals and total number of medals were both lost to the United States and ranked second, China’s 38 gold medals won in the Tokyo Olympics still equaled the number of gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics, becoming the exception of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. One of the two most gold medals won in the Olympics. At the same time, the Tokyo Olympics is also China’s number of gold medals in overseas Olympics, the closest to the United States. Therefore, tying the best results in the number of overseas Olympic gold medals, the number of gold medals is close to the United States‘ “lost loss”, and the “decline” of the US Olympics have become the tone of the Chinese media’s helplessness, and it has somewhat comforted the disappointment of many Chinese people. Feeling.

In the eyes of more professional Chinese audiences, the performance of the Chinese team in the Tokyo Olympics is actually not ideal, especially in the world-leading table tennis, gymnastics and women’s volleyball events that China has always been proud of. expected. Therefore, many Chinese people, and even some sports reporters and commentators, were not very optimistic about the number of cards won by the Chinese team this time.

In the second half of the game, there was a dramatic development. At this time, the overall performance of the Chinese team has gradually stabilized, and the number of gold medals has grown steadily while maintaining good results in diving and other events. At the same stage, the US team, which had always had an advantage in track and field events and was supposed to catch up in the second half, did not see a significant increase in the number of gold medals, and was divided up by European countries.

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This time and again, the number of gold medals of the Chinese team unexpectedly continued to maintain the lead. It wasn’t until today that it was close to noon that the US team’s gold medal count equaled the Chinese team’s 38. In the afternoon, the U.S. women’s volleyball team won gold, and China’s last hopeful woman boxing lost. The United States officially overtook the car, allowing the Chinese gold medal to crush the American dream and shatter Tokyo.

According to the report, in today’s anti-American atmosphere in China, its own gold medal numbers have overwhelmed the beautiful numbers of the United States and stirred up the sentiments of many Chinese people. In addition to the sense of accomplishment of technically suppressing the world‘s heroes, it is more a solution to the sullenness that China has believed to be suppressed by the United States in recent years. Under the high excitement, there is hidden nationalist sentiment.

In the process, a small number of Chinese people believed that their players had been treated unfairly, and went to the personal webpages of Japanese table tennis players, gymnasts, and even the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) to go to the battlefield for abusive behavior, which is eye-catching. It also makes the outside world believe that the Olympics seems to be a gas switch to ignite Chinese nationalism. Fortunately, there are still relatively rational sports professionals and people in China, but they are silent. Although they also think that there is a problem with the referee’s score, they also pointed out that the behavior of a few people to abuse or even laugh at the other side’s webpage is not good enough and should be condemned. A professional ball critic even told the Central News Agency reporter, “If you don’t condemn these people, you are conniving.”

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In addition, China’s retired billiards star Liu Guoliang also publicly praised the Japanese billiards female player Mima Ito who was the worst abused by Chinese netizens. He said that through the East Olympics, we should have seen the awakening of the world‘s table games. Women’s table games “especially Japan as a representative and Ito as a representative.” Possess a level equivalent to that of China’s top players.

According to the Central News Agency, the excitement of the Tokyo Olympics still reverberates on the Chinese Internet. Some people talked about the dramatic experience of the diving gold medalist Quan Hongchan, and the women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping’s disagreement. Others did not forget to make a fuss about the United States and laughed at some American media who once changed the ranking by the total number of medals. “The U.S. emperor’s gold medal dominance is faltering, which reflects the nation’s fortunes of the U.S. emperor.” It has always been what China wants to suppress the arrogance of the “evil American emperor”. It was not done on the diplomatic field, on the trade negotiation table, or on the surface fleet. This time the Tokyo Olympics, China almost did it.


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