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Focusing on the “cosmic man” in the science fiction world, Shen Dacheng’s new work “The Lost Man” is published

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Focusing on the “cosmic man” in the science fiction world, Shen Dacheng’s new work “The Lost Man” is published

2021-08-09 18:06:04Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported recently that Shen Dacheng’s new work “The Lost Man” was published by Taiwan Strait Publishing House. This new work tells the story of fifteen “cosmic people” who have lost their navigation with strange ideas and strange imaginations.

Shen Dacheng is a contemporary writer and editor of literary magazines. He has set up a short story column “Strange People” in “Sprout” magazine. He is the author of the collection of short stories “Think of People” and “Asteroids Falling in the Afternoon”. His works were shortlisted twice The final list of Blancpain’s Dreamland Literature Award, and with “Asteroids Falling in the Afternoon”, it will be listed on Douban’s 2020 annual TOP10 list of Chinese literature and novels. Her works are distinctive and unique among writers of the same generation, depicting contemporary life status and psychological dilemmas with exclusive whimsical ideas, and caring about the “people” and things in the only world we truly have.

“The Lost Man” is Shen Dacheng’s latest collection after “Asteroids Fall in the Afternoon”. In the past few years, her works have continued to resonate with the majority of office workers, and found that these seemingly absurd strange things can find their counterparts in reality. This time “The Lost Man” focuses on fifteen “cosmic people” stories that have lost their navigation, and once again presents the strange daily life of our time: those who doze off in the starry sky theater but wake up with insight into the mystery of the universe, have long been abandoned but have always lived with the residents The small town department store in the world, the world’s last mobile tribe to shrink the giant, the former employees who have been hiding in the garden of the office building for several years, are not satisfied with the pedestrian bridge that is fixed in one place, and the warehouse attendant who takes care of the Star Wars combat supplies… These non-science fiction, non-alien, non-fantasy, and non-magical stories focus on various existences in the universe.

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The writer Su Tong said that Shen Dacheng’s writing has a well-trained sense of drama, role, and stage. All the conflicts and literary contradictions woven in the novel are like stage contradictions and dramatic contradictions. Some seemingly absurd narratives are very symmetrical in reality, and the treatment of reality and stories beyond reality is often surprising.

Feng Huan, an intern from Xi’an Newspaper, a full-media reporter


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