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The seven “sisters” in the club of invincibles

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The Prosecco Doc tomorrow against Trento will try to win the 74th in a row: here are the protagonists of the magical ride


In Conegliano’s 73 consecutive victories only seven players out of the twenty-six used have participated in this record from the beginning. None, for obvious reasons of turnover or injuries, has played them all.


The star that the whole world envies has collected 65 appearances and 1300 points, surpassing herself three times and having 40 points in a race. The record is 47 in Game 1 of the last Scudetto final, but there are also 42 against Busto in the Italian Cup and 41 in the Champions League final against Vakifbank. Since she has been there, even on the bench, Conegliano has never lost. When he is on the ball he resolves the games by putting on the ground the balls that burn and that count.


The captain is the pivot of the team, she gives safety and confidence to her teammates, involves them all and makes the tactics designed by Santarelli spin a thousand. It is not just a question of direction and distribution, because his contribution is often decisive also on other fundamentals. In 62 appearances over the span of the record he scored 143 points, of which 53 on the block and 29 aces, without counting those on the second touch. Added to this is also a defensive phase very careful to keep complicated balls alive. She is the player with the longest streak: she has played (and won) in a row all the last 31 games.

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For several more months she will be the top scorer among all the panthers who have dressed the yellow and blue. He is at 1872, ahead of Hill and still with a good margin over Egonu. A goliardic soul, “the queen” dominates against the wall and with the fast which is its true trademark. At Guinness he contributed 61 appearances and 578 points, with an impressive consistency of performance. She gets along even in reception, when the opponents try to cut her off and takes away satisfactions from the service.


Also for Moki the appearances in the record are 61 (out of his 315 in nine seasons), limited only by the calf injury last month. His reception is impeccable: one in two reaches the head of the setter, three out of four with a margin of one meter. With her work the ball changer is often guaranteed, but there is also everything else in which she has become a model to be imitated. Defenses at the limit of the laws of physics and textbook dribbles. Also decisive in the locker room.


Only 8 times out of 55 did she start in starting six, knowing full well what her role is in this team, where she wanted to stay. Often used in the change for the service, it has a record of 5 aces in 2020 with Caserta.


Some physical problems kept her away from the field, holding back her overwhelming and explosive determination. In 45 appearances he scored 405 points (with a top of 5 blocks against Busto in 2020). She is in her full physical, technical and mental maturity, earning the rank of captain of the national team. Her final return will do her and the team good.

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Don’t be fooled by Rapha’s just 31 appearances. He has played all the finals of the last three years, fighting with great willpower and assisted by club and medical staff against tendon pain. The absences have been long, but when it matters she is there and makes the difference. –

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