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The Siziano brakes, equal in extremis of Frigirola

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The Siziano brakes, equal in extremis of Frigirola

In ten, the hosts pass with Carbone but are caught by the green-and-blacks who collect the first point


Frigirola stops Siziano’s run, catching him on 1-1 at the end of the match. The paw of Grazioli thus delivers the first point in the championship to the guests, while the Siziano interrupts the series of three consecutive victories, but remains in command of the group at 10 points.

Vibrant and full of emotions competition at the Comunale di Siziano, with a thrilling finale. The hosts, with three successes in a row, start with a more decisive attitude. Within 3 ‘the Siziano threatens the opponent’s goal twice. At 23 ‘quality play by Griselli who opens on the left towards Angarano. The soft cross of the home number 8 draws Carbone, who with his head, a few steps from the goal, sends to the side. Siziano’s second chance is on Griselli’s feet, perfectly primed by Carbone; the home playmaker’s lob ends up a little. At 30 ‘another attempt by Siziano with Milone, who heads Flommi on a throw-in from Setti.


Frigirola is seen in attack in the 33rd minute, with a valuable stop and shot by Comincini, neutralized by Morini. At 37 ‘Siziano loses Griselli due to injury. The hosts continue to press. At 39 ‘Carbone from the left triggers the new entered Via, who shoots on the fly and does not go far from the target. The game takes a turn 12 ‘of the second half, when the defender of Siziano Sabbadin is sent off for the foul against Perico, who blows the ball with an effective pressure on the edge of the area. Serafini’s free-kick is deflected by the barrier for a corner. At 18 ‘excellent offensive combination of Frigirola, with the bank of Comincini and conclusion from the edge of Rota to the side.

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When the inertia of the race seems to smile at Frigirola, the hit of the single arrives that changes the cards on the table. The bomber Carbone draws a perfect trajectory on a free kick, from twenty meters, and thus gives the advantage to Siziano on 21 ‘, who after 3’ protests for an alleged foul against Milone in the host area, but the referee does not intervene. Frigirola gathers all the energies for the final forcing. At 37 ‘, on the cross from the right of Gulli, Grazioli performs a volley that is lost out, but the boarding bears fruit: on the corner from the right, Grazioli, who entered the second half, finds the winning deviation in the busy area. –


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