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The women’s football coach took a round and returned to Shui Qingxia’s hands. What made the Football Association determined?_Chinese Women’s Football

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Original title: What made the Football Association make up the decision of the women’s football team to go back to Shui Qingxia’s hands?

After the Tokyo Olympics, Jia Xiuquan’s get out of class is almost a foregone conclusion. The Chinese women’s football team needs a new coach, and this is imminent. At that time, the first choice of the Chinese Football Association was Shui Qingxia. There was no competition or interview, so she was allowed to lead the Chinese women’s team to compete in the National Games.

A gold medal is the best proof, and then the position of women’s football coach and Shui Qingxia gradually drifted away. The selection process has gone through competitions, interviews, suspensions, and many public opinions. Shui Qingxia had already withdrawn from the women’s football coach competition, but was invited back and was officially declared as the Chinese women’s football coach.

Perhaps, there has never been such a bumpy process for a new coach. The stories of the past two months are enough to be recorded in the annals of history. Fortunately, after a series of reversals, the Chinese Football Association finally made the most correct choice.

Shui Qingxia led the National Games to win the gold medal, but she is drifting away from the position of the women’s football coach. After the National Games ended, she did not turn into a positive, but on the eve of the Women’s Super League, there was news of “the Chinese Football Association’s open bid for the women’s football coach”. Shui Qingxia did not participate in the election. This interview seemed to her to go through the process. The Chinese women’s football coach has nothing to do with her. It is better to reinvest in the training of the Shanghai women’s football team.

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Subsequently, the selection of coaches for the women’s football team fell into a state of “single ground”. It was clear that the results should come out a week after the interview, and it would last for a month. The entire competition process is basically kept confidential. Only the candidate Zhao Junzhe has been interviewed. The interviewer Zhu Guanghu, a member of the expert group, disclosed the specific process of the interview. We don’t know anything about the other content, but we only know one thing: no matter from any aspect, Zhao Junzhe and Chen Wanting’s two high-pitched candidates have more shortcomings than advantages, and are inferior to Shui Qingxia.

In the end, the entire competition was halted urgently. Obviously, it is not clear that one or two sentences can explain why. But judging from the final result, Shui Qingxia was not among the first six candidates, but was finally elected, indicating that this competition was rejected from beginning to end, and the Chinese Football Association returned to what they had before the National Games. Initially selected.

What happened in it, we can’t see it, let’s not talk nonsense. Judging from the results alone, the Chinese Football Association went around and made the right choice. All these years of coaching experience, the gold medal at the National Games, and the change from the spirit of the Chinese women’s football team to the content of the game that can be seen at the National Games prove that Shui Qingxia is a trustworthy candidate.

Shui Qingxia has always been committed to the Chinese women’s football team

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After the women’s football coach competition was suspended, we quickly got in touch with Shui Qingxia. She said at the time that she was not currently participating in the competition. But the words are not dead, you can feel in the line, if the Chinese women’s football needs her, she will appear.

The last time I talked about this topic with Shui Qingxia, it was more than a month ago when the women’s football coach was competing for employment. She was very angry at that time because some media wrote the news of “Shui Qingxia withdrew from the competition” without getting in touch with her. Although she did withdraw, it was definitely not what she intended. How could a person who said to many reporters and media after the National Games, “I would like to be the coach of the Chinese women’s football, or you help me”, suddenly changed his mind and decided to give up?

of course not. From beginning to end, she was willing to coach the Chinese women’s football team. During the National Games, she will encounter this question in every interview: “Will you become the Chinese women’s football coach?” Her answer will always be the same: “This is the highest dream of every coach.” Shui Qingxia Yes, but she didn’t count many things.

Shui Qingxia treats football very purely, she never considers things other than football. If you want to be a coach, you must be the best; if you want to lead a team, you must lead the best; if you have the opportunity to be the head coach of the national team, it is your duty. All decisions will not be mixed with money, official positions and other external interests. They are only for her coaching profession and only for football.

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She has always called people to pay attention to and support women’s football. Even when the Chinese women’s football is at its lowest point, she still calls on everyone to give the women’s football the trust and give them time to get better. She only cares about this. Now the Chinese women’s football has finally ushered in the era of Shui Qingxia, professional people do professional things, give her enough time, the Chinese women’s football will gradually become full of life.

As of press time, Shui Qingxia did not respond to this matter. The only certainty is that this matter was decided very quickly within this week, or even within two days. Understandably, because time waits for no one and no decision, there is really not much time left for the Chinese women’s football team to prepare for the Asian Cup.

As for the Shanghai Women’s Football team, the follow-up adjustment dynamics were not known before the deadline. Shui Qingxia will most likely not continue to coach the next league, but will still stay in Kunming, because it is a top priority to inspect the women’s football players and select the new national team training list.

Source: Oriental Sports Daily

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