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They find in Tenerife the body of a man wanted for a homicide

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They find in Tenerife the body of a man wanted for a homicide

02/23/2023 at 2:32 p.m.


The body has been located on a street in San Benito, in La Laguna

He corpse of a man what was wanted as alleged perpetrator of a homicide that occurred yesterday Tuesday afternoon in Tabaibain the municipality of The rosaryhas been located in the night of this Wednesday in Tenerife.

The lifeless body has appeared in the municipality of La Lagunaspecifically in the calle Sabino Berthelotin the zone of San Benito.

According to the first hypothesesthe man suspected of the violent death of a man at a home in Tabaiba supposedly life has been taken.

Since the night of Carnival Tuesday, the investigators of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard were looking for a 54 year old maleidentified as Anthony SRaccording to the sources consulted.

The investigation into the case of the body of this person will be assumed by agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of La Laguna Police Stationwho will collaborate with the Team of Crimes against Persons of the Civil Guardwhich deals with the matter of the violent death in Tabaiba’s apartment.

Agents of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police (UOPJ) of the Civil Guard were looking for Anthony SRas the alleged perpetrator of the homicide of another, younger man, at a home in Tabaiba.

According to the people consulted, the suspect in the violent death was the habitual resident of the house in which the events occurred and, at the expense of what the investigators’ investigations determine, the victim was his guest on Tuesday.

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During the afternoon of the day before yesterday, between both citizens there was a a loud argument and a fight, which was allegedly heard by several of the residents in the Marlisa II building, which is located on Portugal street in the aforementioned coastal town of El Rosario.

However, even louder was the breakage of one of the windows of the home, which overlooks the sea.

Based on the scant information that has come to light, the affected person was left lying on the ground in the middle of a pool of blood. Then, according to some sources, the alleged perpetrator left his house and locked it.

After the alleged fatal assault, Antonio SR was seen near the zone enabled for dogs in Tabaiba. And, from that moment on, he lost track of him, until the discovery of his body in San Benito.

This citizen of 54 years he lived alone in an apartment on the second floor of the Marlisa II building, along with a dog. Some neighbors say that the image she gave in the community was of a very calm person.

During the afternoon-night of Sunday there was an important deployment of agents of the Civil Guard in the aforementioned residential building. The security body controlled access to the garage, as well as the main entrance and, of course, the door of the house where the violent death occurred.

In the morning and at noon of this Wednesday, agents of the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police (UOPJ) They carried out the visual inspection and the photographic report of the homicide scene.

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In the first hours, the agents came to seal the garbage deposited in the two waste containers closest to the place of the events. However, as the hours passed, a couple of plain-clothes agents withdrew these seals.

Other members of the Crimes Against Persons Team They made different efforts to find out what happened in the moments before the deadly fight.

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