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Thousands of miles north, redbud flowers bloom in the “Fourteenth Winter” ice hockey rink – Sports – China Engineering Network

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Hong Kong Men’s Ice Hockey Team Scores Victory at the 14th National Winter Games

The 14th National Winter Games has brought together athletes from across China to compete in various winter sports. Thousands of miles away from home, the Hong Kong men’s ice hockey team has made its mark on the ice rink, scoring a victory in their first match at the games.

In a thrilling match on February 18, the Hong Kong boys defeated the Tianjin team with a score of 4:1, showcasing their skills and teamwork on the ice. Despite facing a formidable opponent, the Hong Kong team’s goalkeeper, Lin Ziying, made an impressive 50 saves, only conceding one goal, and leading his team to victory.

The team’s head coach, Kan Siu-chien, expressed pride in his players’ performance, emphasizing the hard work and dedication they have put into preparing for the games. Former ice hockey player Kan Siu-him, who now serves as a youth ice hockey coach, noted the improvement in venue conditions and competition level, highlighting the safety and medical services provided for athletes.

For Lin Ziying, who experienced Inner Mongolia’s chilly climate for the first time, the high-quality ice rink made an impression. Despite the vast difference in weather, Lin Ziying expressed his admiration for the excellent conditions of the competition field and the impressive scale of the ice rinks in Inner Mongolia.

The Hong Kong men’s ice hockey team’s journey to the 14th National Winter Games reflects their dedication to the sport despite the warm climate in their hometown. The team is comprised of players who have been training and playing ice hockey from a young age, demonstrating their passion and commitment to the sport.

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While the victory at the games is commendable, Jian Zhaoqian, the team leader, emphasized the value of the competition as a platform for the players’ development. He highlighted the significance of being able to compete at the highest level in the country and the role it plays in promoting the development of ice hockey in China.

Looking ahead, the Hong Kong team is set to face challenges from the Jilin and Inner Mongolia teams in the upcoming matches. Regardless of the results, the significance of participating in national-level competitions holds great value for the team, allowing them to realize their dreams and inspire more youngsters to pursue ice hockey.

As the team continues to showcase their talent and sportsmanship at the 14th National Winter Games, their journey serves as a testament to the growth and potential of ice hockey in Hong Kong.

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