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Top handball game: Füchse Berlin with a last-second save

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Top handball game: Füchse Berlin with a last-second save

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Füchse Berlin with a last-second rescue

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Next win for Hannover-Burgdorf – the highlights in the video

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf confirms their good form. After the coup against SC Magdeburg, the “Recken” also won at Bergischer HC. It is the third Bundesliga win in a row for Hannover. The highlights in the video.

The Füchse Berlin took advantage of their rivals Magdeburg’s game-free weekend and extended their lead in the table. In the top game at Flensburg-Handewitt, the capital city team stole a point very late. The Schleswig-Holsteiners, on the other hand, seem to be able to bury their title ambitions.

The Füchse Berlin averted their second defeat of the season at the last second in the top game of the handball Bundesliga against SG Flensburg-Handewitt and maintained their pole position in the title race. The capital club scored 31:31 (17:17) in third place on Sunday and now has 39:5 points.

Second is the Champions League winner SC Magdeburg (36:6), who did not play at the weekend. Behind them are Flensburg (35:11), who have little chance of winning the championship title. The best Berlin throwers were the Danes Mathias Gidsel with nine and Hans Lindberg with seven goals. Emil Jacobsen was also successful eight times for the SG.

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“We knew what was at stake here. That was an important step, but we still have more to go. We can certainly live better with the point than Flensburg,” said Füchse backcourt player Paul Drux after the handball thriller in which Lasse Andersson scored the final point with his equalizer and caused great celebration among the Berliners. “It’s a hard blow for us,” admitted Flensburg’s backcourt player Simon Pytlick at the microphone of the internet broadcaster Dyn.

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Rhein-Neckar Löwen end their dry spell in Balingen – the highlights in the video

The Rhein-Neckar Löwen’s losing streak in the Bundesliga is over. The Lions win at HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. Previously there were five Bundesliga defeats in a row. The highlights in the video.

Goalkeepers make the difference

A fast-paced game developed in which the hosts took a 1-0 lead, but the Berliners were always ahead until shortly before half-time. The visitors’ defense worked very well, Flensburg’s mistakes were punished coldly and keeper Dejan Milosavljev was able to shine with a few saves.

Parade seconds before the end secures Wetzlar victory – the highlights in the video

Anadin Suljakovic secures two points for HSG Wetzlar in the game at HC Erlangen. Shortly before the end, the goalkeeper is there for Erlanger’s last chance and prevents the equalizer. The highlights in the video.

After twenty minutes the lead increased to four goals for the first time (13:9). But the Foxes also failed to break away in this phase. which was primarily due to the goalkeepers. While Berlin’s Dejan Milosavljev barely held a ball and had to give up his place between the posts for Lasse Ludwig in the middle of the second half, his counterpart Benjamin Buric gave Flensburg new courage with numerous saves. Lindberg also missed a seven-meter penalty. And so the hosts came close again. Two minutes before half-time, Berlin’s lead was gone.

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After the break, Flensburg took the lead again after a long time (19:18), but the Foxes responded with a 4-1 run. After 45 minutes, Lasse Ludwig came into the Berlin goal for the now hapless Milosavljev. And the 21-year-old kept his team in the game with saves. But in the hectic final phase, the Foxes made too many mistakes and fell behind again. Two seconds before the end, Andersson saved the deserved draw.

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