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Torch lit for the Special Olympics

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Torch lit for the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics torch was lit in Athens. (IMAGO / ANE Edition / IMAGO / Michalis Karagiannis / Eurokinissi)

Special Olympics is English. In German this means: Special Olympic Games. This year they will take place in Berlin. Berlin is the capital city of Germany.

The Special Olympics torch was lit in Athens. Athens is the capital of the country Greece. Greece hosted the very first Olympic Games. The burning torch is brought from Athens to Berlin. Then she burns during the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics in Berlin last from June 17th to June 25th. 7,000 athletes take part. They come from all over the world. They compete in 26 sports. For example running, swimming, table tennis or basketball.

The Special Olympics is about sport for all people. That’s why there are even sports offers for the spectators.

Note: Deutschland-Funk has a sports podcast. The podcast is called “Players”. Now there is an episode in easy language. The episode is themed: Special Olympics. You can listen to the podcast in plain language here.

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