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ADUC – Health – Article

After the Privacy Guarantor in recent days had confiscated the clandestine databases and without the consent of the users of some telemarketing companies, today is the timeagain for the same reason, of economic sanctions against Tim, Sorgenia and Green Network.

Let me be clear, these are motes, just over 7 and a half million euros for Tim, 237 thousand euros for Green Network and almost 700 thousand euros for Sorgenia. Amounts that “serenely” do not induce these operators to change their illicit conduct, but only to pay them as a sort of consideration as a result of wild telemarketing that yields them billions of profits. The same minimalism as the confiscation of databases.

The dimensions of the phenomenon are such that extremely radical interventions would be needed to bring the market back to a minimum of legal decency. In fact, there are 350 reports that the Guarantor receives every day from those who have registered in the so-called Opposition Register in order not to receive commercial promotions which, in any case, come in contempt and mockery of the legislation.

Something doesn’t work when telemarketing companies are sanctioned, so it is also necessary to hit the direct executors of the contracts that are the object of these assaults. Today’s sanctions seem to be going in this direction, but they are, precisely, ridiculous amounts, a sort of protection money that these managers pay to the Authority for continuing to violate the rules.

We’ll see if today’s action by the Guarantor represents a start or will continue to be the usual flash in the pan.

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Here the video on Aduc’s YouTube channel

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