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Toyota Aygo X: technical data and suv exit from the city

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Advanced mechanical platform in common with Yaris, premium look and metropolis-proof measures: the Japanese brand keeps the name chosen for the concept presented last March, and takes action: the production car will be unveiled next November

Toyota Aygo X will be made, and will debut very soon, or already in November. The confirmation comes directly through a press release from the Japanese company, which thus puts a firm point on a highly strategic project such as that of the A-segment City Suv, or urban crossover, if we then want to use different acronyms that in any case revolve around the same concept, to deeply modernize the entry vehicle to the range with the highest level of aesthetic and technical content. Toyota thus plays the Aygo X card, where the “X” reads Cross. She had already been talked about last March, when the Aygo X Prologue concept had officially opened the way to a project that promises to be wide-ranging.


The Aygo X is a car designed for European customers, developed in Europe and will be assembled at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Kolin, Czech Republic. It is born on the Tnga-B modular platform of Toyota New Global Architecture, first introduced with the new Yaris and more recently with the new Yaris Cross. Adding also the new Aygo, the Japanese company expects to produce in Europe over 500,000 units of vehicles based on the Tnga-b platform, which therefore represents a project with large economies of scale that support products with different price levels.

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The technical data have not yet been disclosed, but suggest a length of about 3,700 mm taking into account the figure of the Yaris Cross (4,180 mm) compared to that of the Yaris sedan (3,940 mm). A difference of 240 mm, which, added to the length of the conventional Aygo (3,456 mm), leads us to believe that a figure that is halfway between 3.5 and 4 meters is reliable. On the engine front, we can assume that it will not be equipped with full hybrid technology, but will be equipped with the 1.0 VVT-i three-cylinder 72 hp engine with five-speed mechanical gearbox. Possibly, also in an electrified variant. We will know more in November.


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