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Tudor advances, but the revolution has just begun

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Tudor advances, but the revolution has just begun

Igor Tudor advances for the bench of Juventus. The Croatian coach seems to be the favorite to start the new black and white course. During the press conference in view of the match against Brest, he was asked a question about the possibility of returning to Turin, this time as a coach in pectore and the Croatian was sibylline: “I think next week we will have a chat with the OM leadership”. It is stated in many quarters that at the end of the season the former Verona coach will leave Marseille and would be ready to take Allegri’s place. Right now, Tudor is considered the favorite for costs, ideas, experience and knowledge of the black and white environment.
In addition to the coaching question, at Juventus however there are days of waiting also to understand if who will be the new Sports Director, while the rumors of a possible “made in Juve” management are getting louder and louder.

Di Maria away from Juventus: 90%

Angel DiMaria will not renew the contract with the Juventus. Second calciomercato.comthe Juventus club would have taken a step back after the recent performances of the Argentine. Among the reasons for friction is also a request for an increase in salary which would have greatly annoyed the management. At this point Fideo looks set to leave the club in the summer.

Iling-Junior away from Juventus: 30%

Il Brighton of De Zerbi is interested in Shake-Junior. The English winger, protagonist in this troubled season with the Juventuswould appeal to several clubs. Second calciomercato.comthe Gabbiani would be ready to offer 15 million euros for the winger. At this point it would be up to the company to decide. Starting again from the talented outsider or making a capital gain? The choice will be up to the new DS.

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Tudor alla Juventus: 65%

Igor Tudor new coach of Juventus. The hypothesis advances more and more. Despite the denials, the Juventus management has already contacted the Croatian coach to probe his availability. His work at both Verona and Marseille was appreciated, but above all we like his management of the locker room and his ideas. It is the property’s opinion that a courageous coach is needed who does not accept impositions from prima donnas and who is followed. The way in which Allegri has “immediately” the choices of players like Di Maria is not liked. He needs a clean slate to restart in a year that promises to be particularly complicated. For this the Tudor idea advances.

Giuntoli to Juventus: 55%

Continue to keep the matter on the table Giuntoli in home Juventus. According to Gazzetta dello SportDe Laurentiis would have already blocked Accardi as the future Sporting Director of Napoli, but still does not want to release Giuntoli for free, demanding compensation from the Juventus club. At this point the ball passes to the Turin club: accept or change strategy? The impression is that in the end the marriage is done because the tug of war does not suit anyone.

Del Piero to Juventus: 35%

After so many rumors, finally Del Piero could really go back to Juventus. The fans are clamoring for it and Elkann is also realizing that we need a figure who has Juventus in his DNA. The current management is in fact aseptic and has already disliked part of the fans with some behaviors. For this reason contacts have resumed. It must be said that Ferrero had already asked the former captain to return, but without success. Alex doesn’t want to come back to be a figurine, but to have an operational role and this is exactly what is being discussed.

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