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VALZURIO TRAIL 2024 | Sportdimontagna.com

Having archived the first successful edition of the Linzone Trail, with over 500 athletes at the start, Fly-Up Sport is ready for a new challenge. The Valzurio trail, organized in collaboration with GS Nasolino and traditionally an early season race, this year becomes the second event in a calendar full of races, all in the province of Bergamo. Heartfelt and well-attended, the Valzurio Trail currently has around 150 members but, as usual, the majority will arrive over the next week. Date to mark: next Saturday, April 27th. Location, as always, Nasolino.

The route, appreciated and confirmed every year, always remains the same. 23 kilometers and 1300 meters of positive difference in altitude between the woods and meadows of the enchanted valley, which rises on the slopes of Presolana, queen of the Orobie, together with the more modest Timogno, Ferrante, Ferrantino and Blum.

The short length, the smoothness and the not excessive technicality (the first to cross the finish line keep under 2 hours!), make it a good testing ground even for those who have not yet opened the season.

The maximum number of athletes on the route is set at 350, it is therefore recommended to grab a bib before it is too late.

For mandatory material and further details, please refer to the official website www.fly-up.it



Bib/race pack collection, race day, 27 April, at Piazza Chiesa, Nasolino (BG)


Partenza athletes, Nasolino (BG)


Arrival of the first athletes


Awards ceremony at Piazza Chiesa (BG)


Maximum time for competitors to arrive


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Event closing

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