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Video, Steven Spielberg shot (with the iPhone) the music clip Cannibal – Magazine

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Video, Steven Spielberg shot (with the iPhone) the music clip Cannibal – Magazine

And music video with an exceptional director, but shot with one technological tool available to all. This is the case with the song ‘Cannibal‘by the Anglo-American artist Marcus Mumford. The video clip of which was shot by none other than Steven Spielberg. The American director decided to rely on a smartphone to shoot the video in sequence, almost as if it were an exercise in style, without resorting to professional cameras and other audio and video tools. This is the first time for Spielberg on the set of a music clip.

The music clip shot with the iPhone only

That smartphone are now semi professional tools for photography e video it is now an established fact. The new frontier, however, is represented by the fact that this device is also used by registers of the caliber of Steven Spielberg to shoot video clips. The case of ‘Cannibal’, the first solo song by Marcus Mumford, voice of the band Mumford & Sons, can teach for the future. Like the film ‘High Flying Bird’ by Steven Soderberghshot entirely with an iPhone in 2019.

The tools used by Spielberg and the help of his wife

To turn the clip of the song, available on YouTubeSteven Spielberg used an iPhone by simply holding it in hands during the recording. It is unclear if it was hers smartphone or another made available to him by production, and it is not even clear which one version of the iPhone be it (on the net you bet on the 13 Pro). To frame Mumford without ever disconnecting, Spielberg moved inside the gym on one wheelchairaided by his wife Kate Capshaw, who worked as a producer and art director.
The details of the backstage of the video, with the director and his iPhone framing the singer they were disseminated by Mumford himself through his own Twitter profile.

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