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Volley Superlega: here is Hernandez, Cuban from Italy

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Volley Superlega: here is Hernandez, Cuban from Italy

Married to Valentina, he has lived in our country for 11 years but will make his Superlega debut with Monza. The friendship with Simon and the blessing of Osmany after the title won in China

Eleven years in Italy with his wife and son but Monza is his first team in the Super League. It is the curious story of Yosvany Hernandez, a Cuban spiker hired by Vero Volley who sidelined Grozer due to an injury. The globetrotting Cuban (he has been to South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt among others) arrived with the Chinese title he just won with Beijing in his pocket. Before the debut against Civitanova it is told. “I have always enjoyed playing in different leagues. In 90% of the cases I won. One of the best things is that in all these countries you learn new cultures, new ways of seeing the world. I’ve always wanted Italy. One of my biggest dreams from an early age was to play in Italy. I haven’t had the opportunity, but God’s plan is always perfect. I arrived after a great season in China, where there were many stars, where thank God my team won and I had a great season”. He arrives with a great drive… “Yes, with a great desire to help Monza, with a positive and winning mentality to achieve the main objectives”.

With Juantorena

In the final in China Hernandez faced Osmany Juantorena. “Osmany is a piece of volleyball history, one who has done crazy things. He’s always been an mvp, we youngsters respect that. The final in China was like a dream come true. We talked a lot, we met often, because all the teams were in the same hotel. We talked about volleyball, about volleyball in Cuba. Before the final I already knew I had a contract with Monza, but I hadn’t informed anyone because I’m quite reserved, but when it came out he said to me: Brother, in Italy they hit hard, I’m I’m sure you’ll do very well because you’re an excellent player and you deserve it.” He is not related to the namesake Ihosvany Hernández, the former centre-back who won the Scudetto in Rome. “We’re not related, but I’ve always appreciated him: it’s no coincidence that I wear his shirt number. We spoke when he was already in Italy, he has always been a leader to follow. I met volleyball in Cienfuegos. At age 5, some teachers at the school were selecting tall boys for volleyball and basketball. I was the tallest in my year. My mom played basketball and my dad played baseball and boxed, but not at a high level. It was love at first sight”. How do you see yourself in this sextet with Grozer, Cachopa, club world champion with Sada Cruzeiro? “I am grateful to be part of this group, with so many big names. I will give my best, I will continue to learn, I will try to help the team as much as possible to bring it to the top. Cachopa (who is still injured right now, ed) is a 10. Al Sada was one of the stars”.

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Italy in the heart

“What I like the most on the pitch is popping the ball (smiles). I can play opposite or spiker. My idols are Ihosvany Hernandez and Ivan Miljkovic, there will never be such an opposite.” The relationship with Italy is special: “I love Italy, I’ve been living in Italy for 11 years, I have my 7-year-old son here and I’m married to Valentina. Playing in Italy is like playing at home. I lived for 8 years in Loreto, close to the sea like Cienfuegos, and now I live in Piacenza. I enjoy the summer playing beach volleyball and on the beach with my son”. The Cuban team is exciting again. At the World Cup he battled Italy and Brazil. Do you think you can return to the national team again? “It’s not an idea I’m considering, at least for now, because in the summer when the season ends, I’m with my son. When I saw the team play at the World Cup I was very excited. I’ll never say no, I just don’t think about it right now. I always carry Cuba in my heart. I come from a family with many economic problems, so for me today it is enormous pride that my family has good conditions, always has a plate of food on the table, a house to live in. God bless them always.” Who are the Cubans you hang out with? “I have a beautiful friendship with Simon, we talk almost daily. Another is Alejandro Rizo (ex Macerata). They are like my brothers. Otherwise I have few Cuban friends, I like being alone. I’m always focused on my things and my projects”.

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