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Volleyball, women, Nations League, Italy beaten by China

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Volleyball, women, Nations League, Italy beaten by China

The blue suffer the second defeat (3-1) of the first week of the event. The women return to the field on June 15th

Italy-China 1-3 (13-25, 25-20, 22-25, 18-25)

The first week of the Women’s Nations League ends with two wins and two defeats. the girls lose their last game against China despite the attempt to maintain the level of their opponents who are more efficient in attack and, at a distance, more continuous in defense. Women’s Italy returns to the field on June 15 in Brazil at 2 am Italian time against Daniele Santarelli’s Serbia.

The match

Mazzanti sends Malinov-Nwakalor, Degradi-Perinelli, Bonifacio-Chirichella, De Gennaro free. China plays with Diao-Gong, Yuan-Wang Y..Y., Li-Jin, Wang W. free. First set without history with Gong and Li, the master of the pitch and an Italy a little too contracted that can’t find the right rhythm. in the second the blues begin to grind the game and walls against a relaxed China and the author of several mistakes even in defense. Nwakalor and Degradi take advantage of it but also Bonifacio triggered by a good Malinov. A lot of balance in the third with the Chinese clinging to Li and Gong but not very brilliant in reception while the blue struggling in attack. In the final rush, the Chinese manage to maintain concentration better. A lot of balance even in the fourth to mid-set. the blues manage to keep up with China more incisive in attack. Then the work on the flanks of the eastern defense wears out the blue who begin to make mistakes in repetitions, leaving China the opportunity to close the match.

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