Home Sports Wang Qiang: I was very angry and tired after losing the second set. I wanted to feel the warmth of my family – yqqlm

Wang Qiang: I was very angry and tired after losing the second set. I wanted to feel the warmth of my family – yqqlm

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Wang Qiang: I was very angry and tired after losing the second set. I wanted to feel the warmth of my family – yqqlm
Wang Qiang: I lost the second set and was very angry and tired. I wanted to go back to China and feel the warmth of home

Wang Qiang, a Chinese player who was not favored by the outside world before the game, finally eliminated No. 14 seed Bencic 6-4/5-7/6-2 after a three-set battle spanning two days, and competed in Wimbledon women’s singles six times. The game passed the first round for the third time. Wang Qiang will face British player Watson in the second round. After the first round of promotion, Wang Qiang accepted an interview with the media. In the interview, Wang Qiang talked about breaking out of her comfort zone and learning new things all the time; she was also very angry when she lost six games in a row and swallowed the invisible egg when she was leading 5-1 in the second set yesterday.

  Talking about the run-in with Coach Cash

“I have been precipitation and running in, and I have to integrate what the coach told me. Maybe the forehand is better today, and the backhand is better tomorrow, but it is not easy to integrate everything together, so take it easy now.

There is a feeling of starting over, breaking the whole original. If you want to improve, don’t break it, don’t stand up, I do want to change some things. I don’t know what you think, but I feel that my original style of play is indeed a little boring. After changing my skills and tactics, I will find tennis a little more interesting. In the long-term comfortable situation, there is no freshness. Now the coach has been making me learn things, and I quite like this feeling. “

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  Talking about homesickness and quarantine policies

“I haven’t been home for half a year. If it’s still 14+14, I might not go back this year. Today I saw 7+3, and I’m very happy. I read the little red book every day, and I understand the policy. Today, I will be in a better mood. Better. I’ve been on the road now, and I don’t have a psychological break. I chat with many Chinese players, and everyone still wants to go back to China to rest, because we are very tired. Under the high pressure situation, we need psychological rest. Feel at home, feel the warmth of home, don’t need too much, just two or three days, feel getting along with family.

It’s hard for me to travel around the world with my family, and I can’t take my mother to play football all year round. It’s not fair to her, then she and my dad will always be separated, and we will be together for a long time, and conflicts will easily arise. “

  Talk about playing with Bencic

“I was a little angry after losing the second set yesterday, and I adjusted myself in time. During this period, I was under a lot of pressure. I kept thinking about tomorrow’s game, and there was only one game left, so I didn’t have much time to adjust my state.

I just want to make tennis easier to play. Thinking too much is not conducive to performance. No matter yesterday or today, just let the flow take its course and play according to the first feeling when the ball comes.

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can win this game. She defeated a player with a higher ranking, and she did not beat a player ranked higher than her this year, so she was quite happy. ” (Interview text via Full Tennis Felix)

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