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Who is the “Sandun No. 7” who witnessed Ronaldo’s “God’s Hair” goal in Qatar? -Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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Who is the “Sandun No. 7” who witnessed Ronaldo’s “God’s Hair” goal in Qatar? -Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

Who is the “Sandun No. 7” who witnessed Ronaldo’s “God’s Hair” goal in Qatar?

Yesterday, orange persimmon interactive orange friend “Miqiu Miqiu” posted: There is a Sandun fan at the World Cup scene, don’t talk about China, don’t talk about Zhejiang, don’t talk about Hangzhou, just tag Sandun.

In the post of Orange Friends, the number 7 of Portugal with the words “Sandun” appeared at the match in Qatar. At this time, Ronaldo, Portugal’s number one star in the stadium, was representing his country Portugal and Uruguay in the second round of the World Cup group match. With Ronaldo’s “God’s Hair”, Portugal beat Uruguay 2-0.

It was the 53rd minute of the game, “B Fee” Bruno Fernandez took a free kick and lobbed the ball into the penalty area. Cristiano Ronaldo jumped high to head the ball, and the ball bounced off the ground and scored.

The slow-motion replay shows that Ronaldo didn’t really hit the ball, but his hair subtly “touched” the ball. Of course, in the end FIFA confirmed that the goal should still be counted as “B fee”.

Despite this, Ronaldo’s “God’s hair” still detonated the entire Internet and was once on the hot search.

If this “Sandun” fan was at the scene, he must have witnessed this historical moment.

Who are the “Sandun” fans in Qatar?

Friends of Orange saw the live video of this “Sandun” fan last night. Although she is not a football fan in the true sense, when the world entered the World Cup time, she also watched the football with her Argentine fan husband every day. . It’s a pity that they didn’t know the “three tricks” fan who was at the match in Qatar.

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The reporter learned that this video was shared by the wife of the “Sandun” fan on the short video platform. The wife of a “Sandun” fan is surnamed Wang. Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wang told reporters that her husband, Mr. Chen, is a fan of Ronaldo, and he was at the scene in Qatar.

That night, many Chinese fans present wanted to change jerseys with Mr. Chen, but he was reluctant to do so. “This jersey was customized online before he went to Qatar. It is very meaningful and creative.”

Ms. Wang and her husband are both from Hangzhou. They are also high school classmates and currently live in Sandun.

Ms. Wang knew her husband was a football fan very early on, and she liked to watch games very much. She often went to Huanglong to watch Greentown games with her husband. He is a Ronaldo fan and he also likes Real Madrid. I remember, he had such a dream at the time, he wanted to go to the World Cup.”

This year’s World Cup in Qatar, Mr. Chen knew that both Messi and Ronaldo may be the last World Cup, so he really wanted to go, and struggled for a long time.

“I think this is his dream, so I told him not to worry about it, just buy the ticket and go.”

On November 25th, Mr. Chen set off for Qatar. At this time, the World Cup started five days ago. He missed the first match against Ghana in the Portuguese group stage. He planned to watch some games in the group stage. Ready to come back around May 5th.

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Up to now, Mr. Chen has watched four games, Argentina and Mexico, Spain and Germany, Portugal and Uruguay, and the United States and Iran in the early hours of yesterday. These are all popular games. I will watch the matches between Croatia and Belgium, Portugal and South Korea, and Japan and Spain. Except for Portugal, all the tickets are bought on the spot.

Ms. Wang said that she is not considered a fan, but simply likes Beckham before, but now likes Ronaldo with her husband. “He didn’t play football much after graduation, but he likes football very much. Every man has a football dream in his heart. I have to support him. I originally planned to go together. The unit can’t leave, but I must support him in action.”

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