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Why should you invest in World Cup stickers?

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Why should you invest in World Cup stickers?

What could a soccer fan do while waiting for the anxious arrival of one of the most important events in the world like the World Cup? Besides watching replayed matches, over and over again, with the most impressive goals or plays of some matches, filling the album with the stickers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is another option.

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It has been known for a long time that people collect stickers and fill albums of all kinds: movies, series, singers, athletes, and others. But nothing has caused as much movement as getting the 2022 World Cup album completed.

Some have already achieved the goal, and, they got all the stickers. However, there are those who are searching for it, and here is the topic.

Seems that there are still people who would be willing to pay many dollars to get that much-needed sticker! It does sound like quite a business, and the truth is that those who have duplicate stickers are getting the better part of the deal. Supply and demand basics.

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The Panini group, founded in 1961 and based in Modena (Italy), is the manufacturer of the World Cup album. Since 1970, the company has been producing the album where collectors can place the 49 mm x 65 mm sheets of the players of the 32 national teams participating in the World Cup, along with the stadiums, trophies, mascots, and the official ball of the tournament. Popularly known as the “Panini album”, the markets where it has caused such a furor are various parts of Europe, but especially Latin America.

In Latin America, people’s behavior is surprising. Some would pay huge amounts to get that missing figure, despite not having a large enough financial capacity to afford such luxuries. But why pay so much for stickers? Is it just a competition to fill the album faster than others? Or is there a whole investment behind it? The truth is that buying World Cup stickers means investing. It all makes more sense now, doesn’t it? But why talk about investment?

Collecting World Cup stickers and filling the album could be a great investment these days! As they are unique, they could be valued at unimaginable amounts in the future! It may sound crazy to some people. However, just think about today’s collectors and those who sell relics at skyrocketing prices. This 2022 album could be worth a lot in 2050.

Some people still think that filling the World Cup album is just a kid’s thing and does not go beyond a simple “trend”. But this is not so. Even NFTs are being discussed! Have you heard about this? In Breaking Latest News, you have a whole section dedicated to the latest in technology. There, you will find what is to come regarding the World Cup and all the technological plans behind this great event!

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Watch this: Uruguayan even created an app to facilitate the exchange of stickers! And the fact is, everyone wants to complete theirs after hearing about what a good investment it seems to be to complete the album.

Compared to the last edition of the Russia 2018 World Cup (also released by Panini) the stickers and the album itself have increased considerably in price. Note: this increase goes beyond the current inflation. Leaving aside this external factor, the price increased much more than expected or thought.

The tradition of filling the World Cup album has a particular magic and does not distinguish by age or gender, or if the country will not be present at the tournament.

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