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Women’s Japanese Tour Ito Garden Tournament Rice Seen Meng Ning Feng, Lu Wanyao T8 Shi Yuting T20_Bonus

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Original title: Women’s Japanese Tour Ito Park Tournament Rice See Meng Ning Feng after Lu Wanyao T8 Shi Yuting T20

On the afternoon of November 14, the 37th Itoen Women’s Golf Tournament with a total prize money of 100 million yen (approximately RMB 5.6 million) ended the final round at the Chiba Prefecture Jushima Club. The Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Inami Moe Ning won the championship with a score of 199 (70/64/65) and 17 under par, and received a bonus of 18 million yen (approximately RMB 1.01 million). Saigo Mao and Kanazawa Shinato With a difference of 9 strokes, they came in second place. Ueda Momoko, Furue Ayaka, Yamashita Miyume Yu and Suzuki Ai ranked fourth to seventh. Chinese athlete Lu Wanyao ranked in T8 with a bonus of 2.31 million yen (approximately RMB 130,000), while Shi Yuting lived in T20 and received a bonus of 820,000 yen (approximately RMB 46,000).

At 9:28 am local time this morning, Lu Wanyao, Shengnan and Gong Li Meixiang set off from the first hole in the same group. The Chinese girl saw the birdie in her first insight, but then she encountered a bogey on the third hole. After turning into the last 9 holes, Lu Wanyao’s performance was a little less stable and hit +1 on both the 11th and 17th holes. Fortunately, she hit -1 on the 18th hole of Haidilao Yue, setting the current round of scores at 73. After three rounds, Lu Wanyao’s total score was 213 (71/69/73), 3 under par.

At 8:55, the eighth group of Shi Yuting, Kawamoto Yue, and Gu Jiang Caijia started the final round from the first hole. After successfully shooting the bird on the 3rd hole, Shi Yuting encountered a back-to-back bogey on the 5th and 6th holes. After the transition, she shot 1 bird and 2 bogeys, and the final score was locked at 74. The total score of three rounds was 217 (73/70/74), which was 1 stroke above the par.

In the 2020-2021 season due to the combined epidemic, Shi Yuting participated in 43 games and advanced to the final round 24 times. His best result was tied for third place in the Panasonic competition this year. At present, the Chinese girl has received a total of 24,802,300 yen (approximately RMB 1.39 million) in season bonuses, temporarily ranking 67 on the women’s day tour money list.

This season, Lu Wanyao participated 43 times and received bonuses 26 times. His best result was the second place in the Daikin Industrial Phalaenopsis Competition held in early March. Lu Wanyao is currently ranked 40th in the women’s Japanese tour money list, with a total season bonus of 46,289,184 yen (approximately RMB 2.59 million).

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