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Xavi: Real Madrid are used to reversing and have this experience. If the referee helps us, I will not like it – yqqlm

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Original title: Harvey: Real Madrid is used to reversal and has experience in this field. If the referee helps us, I will not like it

Live broadcast, April 4th, at 3:00 am on April 6th, Beijing time, in the second round of the Copa del Rey semi-final, Barcelona will sit at Camp Nou to face Real Madrid, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 1-0 away in the first round. Before the game, Barcelona coach Harvey attended the press conference, he talked about some of the current situation of the team.

About the game plan

Xavi: “Our goal is to play like the Super Cup, like the league hosts play against them. This is what we have to do. But Real Madrid is the defending champion of the league and the Champions League. We will try to control the game, but this is not the case. Easy, 1-0 in the first leg is a good result.”

About De Jong’s absence

Xavi: “If we put a midfielder on the wing it won’t make a difference, we’re thinking the same thing, possession of the ball. We won’t change anything, a draw can get us to the final, But we’re not going to change anything.”

about barca’s enemies

Xavi: “We don’t talk about extra things in the dressing room, we only talk about the way we played against Real Madrid, whether it’s UEFA, Negrera or Tebas, we don’t talk about it. Next is the Clasico, It’s important, they’re going to want revenge.”

About Real Madrid’s performance in the round-based knockout round

Xavi: “It’s hard to beat Real Madrid in two legs, they haven’t been knocked out in this format for a while. They are European champions, that’s why I say they are favourites, they face more pressure than us. Bigger.”

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About Tebas

Harvey: “I don’t know him, I’ve only said hello to him twice.”

Will there be special measures against Real Madrid?

Xavi: “No, Real Madrid can beat any opponent perfectly, they are still one of the favorites. They are used to reversals and have experience in this. We will compete in games, but we will not take special measures against them.”

About Fati

Xavi: “For a striker there is pressure not to score, and it’s the same for Ferran Torres. That’s why it’s a good thing that they scored against Elche, and I’m proud of that. Dee and Ferran-Torres are very happy.”

About Garvey

Xavi: “He’s calm, he’s mature for his age, he’s got some experience at such a young age, he knows how to win the fight. I always ask him, he doesn’t Will lose our identity. The president values ​​our work, what other people say doesn’t matter. We only have one title now, we want more, including the league and the Copa del Rey, and a victory over Real Madrid will be a double joy. We must remember Where we were last year compared to where we are now, anybody can see that.”

On the relationship between Barcelona and Real Madrid

Xavi: “Eternal rivalry, fair play with respect, ambition on both sides to win, a fight about football, that’s it.”

About Julian Araujo

Harvey: “The player has adapted very well. It’s a pity he can’t play. He can help us next year. He has great strength and a good shot.”

About things other than the game

Harvey: “We are here for the game, and we take this game very seriously. I am not interested in the words of the outside world. The game is very important. I cannot control other parts.”

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About Real Madrid’s Tactics

Xavi: “I don’t know, we will put pressure on the opponent, put pressure on the opponent after losing the ball. They can always do new things, but we know each other very well.”

About the referee door

Xavi: “As far as the referee is concerned, all I can say is that I kept my faith. I don’t want to win by cheating, I want to do it in a reasonable way, and if the referee helps us, I don’t like it.”

On playing Eric Garcia in midfield

Xavi: “Everyone is compatible on the pitch, if they do well there, they can adapt. We also tried Eric Garcia a year ago at full-back, he can play multiple positions His traits are valuable and he can fit into those positions very well.”

On Real Madrid’s possible game plan

Xavi: “I think we’re going to face an aggressive Real Madrid, they’re going to try to take the ball away from us. They’ve had a great cup game, but we want to beat them, they have a great team, I think Hopefully we can show character.”

On the winning streak in the El Clasico

Xavi: “They are more hungry for revenge, they will be emotional because they have lost three Clasicos. Of course, if we do it, they will go home with a wounded feeling. They are always competing and it is more against us. So, it’s not going to be easy, I expect it’s going to be a complicated game.”

About Levan

Xavi: “It’s important for his confidence to score goals. When a player scores a goal, it’s always a good thing, he’s very motivated, he’s the first one we put on the pressure, it’s a good thing. Helps the team a lot.”

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About Lewandowski vs Benzema

Harvey: “It’s not easy to answer this question. They are among the best strikers in the world. They are somewhat similar but also different. Benzema moves more on the field and connects; Lewandowski has better physical fitness.”

On the desire for a championship

Xavi: “Yes, we are full of hunger, I don’t know them, I don’t like to compare. There are many players in our team, and the Spanish Super Cup is their first championship.”

about this season

Xavi: “I’m sure I said in the Gamper Cup that our aim is to win titles. We’ve won one, we can win two more, I know I’m putting pressure on myself, but this is Barcelona , I was positive from the beginning, even though we lost to Real Madrid at the beginning and were out in Europe.”

About Kathy

Harvey: “He understands teamwork very well and is also very active in getting in behind. He has performed very well recently.”

The team has multiple players who can play multiple positions

Xavi: “It’s important, but it’s not because of financial needs, it’s because of team needs. Baldé, Marcos Alonso, Roberto, Eric Garcia, etc., can be used at any time in training. It’s an honor for them to be where the team needs them to be.”

(Ma Dongyu)

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