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Yang Hao won the championship at home and had his first Spring Festival reunion dinner in eight years_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

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Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, February 24th: Yang Hao, who won the championship at home, had his first Spring Festival reunion dinner in eight years

On the evening of the 23rd, the competition task of the “Fourteenth Winter” ended. 19-year-old Yang Hao asked for leave from the team and returned to his home in Group 7 of Wuxing Village, Woniuhe Town, Zhalantun City. His mother made him three fresh dumplings and prepared a large table of meals. This is the first time in the eight years since Yang Hao left home for training that the whole family has had a reunion dinner during the Chinese New Year.

Yang Hao drove for half an hour from Jinlongshan Ski Resort, passing through five kilometers of narrow hardened roads and five kilometers of rugged mountain roads, to the home of Group 7 in Wuxing Village. This is a three-room tiled house decorated with white tiles. In front of the house is a spacious courtyard. There is a farm tractor parked in the yard. There is a livestock shed at the door with more than 20 cows and more than 20 horses.

Knowing that her son was coming back, Yang Hao’s mother was busy in the kitchen all afternoon, while his father, Yang Jinfu, had been waiting at the gate. When he saw Yang Hao getting out of the car, Yang Jinfu immediately lit the prepared firecrackers. In order to be able to see her younger brother, her married sister and her child, who was under one year old, stayed at her parents’ house during the first month of the year. The red lanterns hanging on the courtyard door, the brand-new couplets and the Chinese characters “Fu” on the walls, and the crisp sound of firecrackers all add to the joy of the New Year.

For winter sports, the period before and after the Spring Festival is a critical period for training and competition. It is difficult to go home for a New Year’s Eve dinner. Yang Hao is lucky. The “Fourteenth Winter” freestyle ski jumping and slope obstacle skills competition he participated in was at the Jinlongshan Ski Resort at his doorstep, so he was able to have this Spring Festival reunion dinner. Even more fortunately, Yang Hao won the most important medal in his sports career so far at home – the National Winter Games Championship.

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On the 17th, in the men’s big platform final of the freestyle skiing open group, Yang Hao performed well in the first two rounds. He scored the only high score of more than 90 points in the first skiing, and finally won the championship with 174.75 points.

Thanks to the fact that the game was held at home, Yang Jinfu watched his son play live for the first time in eight years. Yang Hao’s mother did not dare to enter the scene and kept waiting for news at the entrance of the ski resort. On the track, every time Yang Hao made a move, Yang Jinfu was so nervous that he held his breath, with his heart in his throat. He breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Yang Hao land smoothly. At the end of the track, the audience cheered and waved to Yang Hao, while Yang Jinfu turned his head away and “hided” himself in the crowd.

“I don’t dare to let him know that I’m here.” Yang Jinfu said. It was originally agreed that the whole family would not go to the scene because he was worried that Yang Hao would be distracted when he saw his family. However, the night before the game, Lao Yang couldn’t sleep for any reason. He was still a big boy. She had already secretly taken Yang Hao’s mother to the stadium.

“Mom and Dad, I performed well. Come and see me receive the award.” Yang Hao’s scores in the first two jumps can basically lock in the medal. Seeing that he was expected to be on the podium, he called his father immediately during the game. After winning the championship, when he saw his parents in the crowd, Yang Hao immediately rushed over and hugged them tightly.

Yang Jinfu and his wife usually farm at home. The family has 230 acres of land. Farming is the family’s main source of income. In recent years, the market for cattle and horses has been poor. With more than 200 acres of corn land, the family can earn an income of about 100,000 yuan a year. In the eight years since Yang Hao received ski training, he has not been able to participate in international competitions. He started participating in domestic competitions in 2018. After winning the slopestyle championship at the National Freestyle Skiing Championship in the 2021-2022 season, Yang Hao received a temporary establishment from the Sports Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and also had a fixed income, but it was not enough to achieve financial independence. , daily expenses still require support from home. In July last year, during the training break of the Inner Mongolia team, Yang Hao chose to go to Chengdu for training at his own expense. He calculated the transportation, accommodation and air cushion venue expenses in advance. He asked his father for 100,000 yuan, which was the family’s largest expense in recent years. . In order to save money, Yang Hao rented a house and cooked his own meals every day. This year, Yang Hao became an official employee and has a fixed monthly income of 6,000 yuan. The burden on his parents’ shoulders has finally been lightened.

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In 2018, 13-year-old Yang Hao made a mistake during training and was injured when he landed. When his parents found out, they were very distressed. Yang Jinfu persuaded him not to practice anymore, but Yang Hao insisted on continuing, so Yang Jinfu could only compromise and continue to silently support his son. In fact, as early as 2016, Zhalantun Amateur Sports School went to Woniuhe Mingde Primary School to select students. Yang Hao, who was outstanding in track and field, was selected to practice skiing. Young Yang Hao, who had never skied before, decided to enter the sports school to try this kind of thing that made him curious. At that time, Yang Jinfu was reluctant to exercise, but in the end he followed his child’s choice. Over the years, Yang Hao has sweated and trained and suffered injuries. Now he stands on the highest podium of the Winter Games, and his efforts have paid off.

Yang Hao, who left his hometown at the age of 11, went to Xinjiang for training as a foreign trainer in 2016. “Many team members have transferred from other (related) events and have some basics. I started completely from scratch.” Yang Hao recalled that at that time, he had to start from the most basic somersault training. After more than a year of basic training, After training, ski training begins.

“In the winter of 2019, I had the opportunity to train at the air-cushion ski resort in Beijing’s Aosen Park. This was an important turning point for me.” It took Yang Hao seven days to complete the left two-week off-axis rotation 1080 and 1080 for the first time. 1260 movements, he could only learn these movements by watching videos of foreign players before. Later, when he was training in Changbai Mountain, he completed this action again on a real snow track, which attracted the attention of the national team coach. In the winter of 2019, Yang Hao was selected into the national training team.

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Yang Hao admitted frankly that he is not a talented player, but his attitude towards training and his ability to endure hardship are better than most people. “Every time I train, I take the time to get on the cable car. I save a few minutes on each trip up and down the mountain, so I can skate more times than others every day.”

After embarking on the path of professional training, Yang Hao can only return home for one or two months every year during spring break. In the past two years, seeing his parents getting older, he felt sad every time he went home. During spring sowing, he would take the initiative to help his father with some farm work, but Yang Jinfu was always reluctant to let his son do heavy work.

“Since I have chosen this path, I will definitely stick to it.” Yang Hao said that his dream is to compete in the Olympics and win glory for the country, but participating in the Winter Olympics requires enough points, and to get these points, he needs to keep going abroad. Participate. For him, who has never participated in an international competition, everything is still unknown.

After the reunion dinner, Yang Hao will return to the team that night. After the winter games, he will go to Changbai Mountain to prepare for the next event and move forward step by step.

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