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Youth Association Track and Field Competition Kicks Off with Record-Breaking Performances

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Title: Youth Association Track and Field Competition Kicks Off with Impressive Performance on Day One

Nanning, November 2 – The first day of the track and field open group competition at the First National Student (Youth) Games got off to a remarkable start, with ten gold medals being clinched and a national junior record shattered in the men’s 400-meter race. The competition, held at Nanning Sports School (Wuhe Campus) from November 2 to 6, brought together 886 athletes from 58 teams across the country, vying for a total of 47 gold medals.

Elisir Wumer, representing the Urumqi team, emerged as the standout athlete of the day, smashing the national junior record in the men’s 400-meter race. The 17-year-old Wumer not only took first place in the preliminaries with a staggering time of 46.35 seconds but also broke his own record set at the 2023 National Track and Field Competition. In a thrilling final, he crossed the finish line in a blistering 45.71 seconds, establishing a new national junior record.

“I have actually achieved such a result in training, but I didn’t expect to achieve it in today’s final,” expressed a triumphant Wumer after the race. His victory not only showcased his exceptional talent but also underscored the incredible level of competition at the event.

The Urumqi team continued their winning streak, collecting two gold medals on the first day. Zhang Ziyuan secured the men’s shot put title, demonstrating the team’s well-rounded athleticism.

In other competitions, Wu Haolin from the Guangzhou team emerged as the men’s 100m champion, while Liu Guoyi and Liu Xiajun from the Chengdu team claimed the first and second positions, respectively, in the women’s 100m race. Liu Yinglan of the Chengdu team outperformed her counterparts in the women’s 400m race and clinched the gold medal. Meanwhile, Meng Lingqi from the Chifeng team triumphed in the men’s hammer throw event, and Zhang Jiale from the Taiyuan team dominated the women’s hammer throw to secure the gold medal. Fuzhou team’s Huang Yingying showcased her prowess in the women’s triple jump, snatching the gold medal. Additionally, Yu Shuiqing from the Dalian team triumphed in the men’s 3000-meter obstacle course, while Liu Yuxin from the Kunming team clinched the gold in the women’s category.

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The impressive performances on the first day of the youth association track and field open competition have set the stage for an intense and thrilling competition in the days to come. The event, scheduled to continue until November 6, promises more exhilarating moments as young athletes from across the country showcase their skills and strive for excellence on the track.

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