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Zeman: “Enough stadiums without an audience, money is not everything”

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PAVIA.«For me football is still taking the ball and starting again, not expecting the construction of the game from below, as many do even in the minor categories .. If you start again immediately you don’t give your opponents time to settle down. This has always been my football ». Zdenek Zeman, back on the Foggia bench, in the post-match yesterday at Fortunati tackles more issues in addition to talking about his team, which he defines “packed after retirement, we had no legs to run, not even against a lower category formation like Pavia” .

About Pavia in his first Foggia, the one renamed “Zemanlandia” there were three players who started from via Alzaia, Roberto Rambaudi the best known but also Carmine Nunziata and Gualtiero Grandini. From C to Serie A: is it possible even today? «It’s true, in addition to Rambaudi, the other two boys also came from Pavia – nods the Bohemian coach -. In my opinion, even now we can start from this category. I have 6-7 guys who technically have a chance to play in leagues A and B in the future. But if there is space they will have to deserve it by playing and growing on the pitch ». Mancini’s national team has rekindled the passion for an internationally winning Italy, it can also be a winning weapon for clubs. «It is difficult to copy the national team. Today’s football is all about position and little for young ladies. Good matches are won with the desire to emerge and overcome difficulties, as the national team did during some matches – recalls Zeman -. You have to suffer to win and Mancini’s team did it too ». Finally, the stadiums: «I confirm that keeping them without an audience makes no sense. For the health emergency it was necessary to play only for the money at great levels, but it is not the same thing to enter an empty stadium, without cheering, without people ».

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