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Zhao Jiwei has 16 points and 8 assists, the team’s brain passes brilliantly to activate the two strikers_liaoning team_guangdong team_fuhao

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Original title: Zhao Jiwei 16 points and 8 assists worthy of the team’s brilliant pass to activate the two strikers

On January 1, Beijing time, the 17th round of the regular season will continue. The highly anticipated New Year’s Day battle-the first “Liao Yue Showdown” of the season kicked off at 19:30 in the evening. The Liaoning team maintained the lead and won 115-95.

Zhao Jiwei scored 16 points, 8 assists, 1 board and 1 steal, with a plus-minus value of 26, ranking third in the team.

In the second stage, the Liaoning team lost to the Beijing Shougang team with four main players in rotation, winning consecutive wins in Tianjin and Fujian. The Guangdong team lost consecutively to Guangsha and Shanxi, only winning one game against Jilin.

After the opening of the game, the Liaoning team played a high-quality defense, while the Guangdong team never shot from the outside. Only Wilms could score in the sports battle. The Liaoning team had a 14-2 start. After Zhao Jiwei led the second team players such as Moreland and Fu Hao on the field, they continued to give the Guangdong team precise blows. After the Guangdong team’s exit from UAE, Zhang Mingchi’s No. 5 position became a shortcoming. Zhao Jiwei and other guards continuously fed Morand and let him play three rounds in a row. In a quick counterattack, Zhao Jiwei fell to the ground after confrontation, but fortunately, it was not a major problem.

Compared with the Guangdong-Liaoning lineup in this game, the Guangdong team suffered more injuries, which affected the number of rotations. The Liaoning team is fully online, and the first and second teams are of equal strength.

After the Guangdong team opened the three-point rhythm, Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei hit three consecutive points and returned to the color. Liaoning defender Gemini has improved its three-pointers significantly in the past two seasons. At the end of the second quarter, Zhao Jiwei first assisted Korea to score, and then singled Xu Jie, causing the latter’s fourth foul. The Guangdong team, which is already in short supply, made the situation worse. The second quarter of the game is over! Liaoning leads by 13 points.

In the third quarter, Zhao Jiwei passed the ball long distance to find Zhang Zhenlin in a counterattack in the third quarter. After a wave of small climaxes in the Liaoning team, the single-digit point difference once again rose to 20 points.

In the final quarter, Zhao Jiwei broke through the UAE and caused a foul. The CCTV commentary mentioned: “When Zhao Jiwei broke through the UAE, his consecutive fake moves showed the comprehensiveness of his action details.” With 9 minutes left, Zhao Jiwei again passed the basket without looking at people from outside the three-point line. After receiving the ball, Fu Hao emptied the basket and scored. Fans who are familiar with the Liaoning team know that this offensive routine is more often played by the Liaoning team this season, mainly based on Fu Hao’s good at air cutting.

Zhao Jiwei sent out 6 assists in the second half, most of which were for the two strikers Zhang Zhenlin and Fu Hao. The Liaoning team used to have weak scoring ability at positions 3 and 4 and focused on defense. In the past two seasons, with the rise of Zhang Zhenlin and Fu Hao, positions 3 and 4 have become a lot stronger, especially with increased athletic ability and mobility. The Liaoning team has added a lot of finishing tactics designed for positions 3 and 4. This also makes the Liaoning team’s offensive system flatter, simpler, more three-dimensional and diversified.

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