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Zheng Zhi will go out with the national football team as an assistant and will definitely not play as a player – yqqlm

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Original title: Zheng Zhi will go out with the national football team as an assistant and will definitely not play as a player

Sports Weekly All Media Reporter Ma Dexing reported

On the afternoon of January 19, the Chinese men’s national football team, which was preparing for the top 12 of the World Preliminaries in Shanghai, was still training at the Century Park Stadium as originally planned. However, compared to the previous day’s training, today’s training volume is relatively small. After all, the team will start an internal confrontation again tomorrow afternoon. This match will still be played according to the situation of the first warm-up match three days ago, but the time will be extended from the original 50 minutes to 90 minutes.

After the national team was divided into “Li Jinyu Team” and “Chen Yang Team” for a 50-minute internal confrontation on January 16, they resumed training the next morning, and then arranged for the players to rest in the afternoon. On the 18th, the team still practiced every day. This training session can be said to be the largest training volume of the national team since the concentration. Although the personnel grouping has not been adjusted, the subjects and content of training have gradually begun to become consistent. After all, with the Japan-China war The time is approaching, and all players need a unified technical and tactical guiding ideology. Therefore, the two groups are like two teams. After the preparatory activities, they arranged a 4-on-4 group passing practice, and also arranged a 9-on-9 attack and defense drill for the entire team. Both groups of horses were trained heavily.

On the 19th, the national team continued to train in the afternoon as usual, and it was still divided into two groups. However, compared to the previous day, the training volume is much smaller. On the one hand, it is a normal adjustment and arrangement, and on the other hand, it is preparing in advance for the second confrontation on the afternoon of the 20th. Moreover, the coaching staff headed by head coach Li Xiaopeng has also made it clear that the second internal teaching game on the 20th will be launched according to the official game time of 90 minutes, and the amount will definitely not be small.

I chose to arrange this internal competition tomorrow afternoon. The main purpose is to stimulate the players’ status, because a week later, on January 27th, the Chinese team will challenge the Japanese team on the road, so that the players will have a lot of class stimulation a week in advance, so that Able to adapt to the game. In contrast, since the situation of the grouping personnel is basically unchanged, it is impossible to talk about the main force and the substitute, and it is even less possible to simulate the arrangement of the Japanese team’s playing style. The stimulation and adjustment state are the most important.

After this “second battle”, head coach Li Xiaopeng will start to delineate the players who will go to Japan based on the situation of the two internal competitions, that is, about 22 or 23 players will be selected from the 44 players currently in Shanghai, plus Wu Lei and Li Lei, who played overseas in Shanghai, and Jiang Guangtai in the United Arab Emirates, formed the final national team and entered the final technical and tactical run-in. In addition, the coaching staff will also select several substitute players, that is, among the final expeditions, there may be accidents such as injuries in the next training, and these substitute players will have the opportunity to replace them. into the official list.

However, no matter what adjustments the national football team will make next, judging from the situation of the players participating in this Shanghai training camp, they have performed quite well in all aspects, and they are also working hard to impress the coaching staff and hope to be included in the final list. And this is precisely what the coaching staff headed by Li Xiaopeng is most satisfied with. Because under the current special circumstances, organizing such a large-scale training camp, Li Xiaopeng and other coaching staff are still under a lot of pressure, but at least from the perspective of the training effect, it is still very good, at least effectively promoting the competition within the team atmosphere. As for the four Brazilian naturalized players, the national football team is still waiting for further news and has been in contact with them.

In addition, around the question of Zheng Zhi, it is clear that this time Zheng Zhi accompanied the team to the east. Although Zheng Zhi’s name is still in the list of national team players reported to the AFC by the Chinese men’s football team, this time Zheng Zhi is Going as an assistant coach, certainly not as a player. This is also Zheng Zhi’s desire to have more coaching experience after the transformation.Return to Sohu, see more


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