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Zhou Guanyu wins runner-up in F2 Italy

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  Original title: Zhou Guanyu won runner-up in F2 Italy

In the Formula 2 (F2) Italian Grand Prix that ended on the 12th, Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu started from third place and finally finished runner-up. He was on the podium for the seventh time this season.

Zhou Guanyu seized the opportunity to rise to second place after the start. Although he was later overtaken by New Zealand driver Lawson and returned to third, he took advantage of the opportunity to pit on the sixth lap to complete the go-ahead.

On the 12th lap, Zhou Guanyu made contact with other vehicles and rushed out of the track, but fortunately, it did not affect the next race. On lap 22, Zhou Guanyu took advantage of the safety car to return to second place.

Towards the end of the race, the collision again triggered the safety car. The final race ended under the leadership of the safety car. The Australian driver Piastri, who started from pole position, won the championship and Zhou Guanyu won the runner-up.

In the two sprint matches on the 11th, Zhou Guanyu finished runner-up in the first game and ranked eighth in the second game, bringing back points in both games. In the drivers’ standings, Zhou Guanyu ranked second behind Piastri by 15 points.

The sixth race of F2 this season will be held in Sochi, Russia from September 24th to 26th.


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