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【Free Shipping】Xiaomi Electric Folding Bicycle Makes Daily Life Easier|

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【Free Shipping】Xiaomi Electric Folding Bicycle Makes Daily Life Easier|

make everyday life easier
The Mi Electric Folding Bike is a folding electric bike with a 250W brushless motor that helps make your daily life smoother and more enjoyable. The practical foldable model makes the bike easy to transport and store – perfect for those who want to bike to work/school or just for a trip to the shop.


Torque and pedal assist for easy uphill uphill travel up to 45km on a single charge Quick fold design Shimano Nexus 3 speed system,
250W high-speed brushless motor, digital screen to monitor cycling activities

boost your bike
With the Xiaomi Electric Folding Bike, getting out of bed and out of bed is easier than ever. The e-bike is equipped with a TMM4 torque sensor, which helps you register how hard you are pedaling and helps you get the right amount of power. The top speed can reach 25 kilometers per hour.

choose a different mode
The electric bike has 4 different modes for you to choose from: training mode, economy mode, balance mode and boost mode. Each mode can be switched quickly according to your wishes.

smart function
On the bike’s screen, you can see information like speed, distance, calories and power – perfect for those who want to keep track of their rides and fitness.

triple gear
The Xiaomi electric folding bike has three gears, making it easy to ride without electricity.

Priced at $849.99

Star club special price $699.99+free shipping

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