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100 million AI PCs arriving by 2025 will dominate the laptop market

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100 million AI PCs arriving by 2025 will dominate the laptop market

Among the many Intel announcements at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​there was one that was underestimated by almost all hi-tech fans. Yet this is truly sensational data: the company, in fact, believes that by 2025 100 million PCs for AI will arrive on the market.

Intel Vice President David Feng reported such a resounding number, explaining that the company is trying to insert AI into all its proprietary solutions, obviously starting from PCs. Already at CES in Las Vegas, the company’s CEO Pat Gelsinger had explained that Intel will launch 100 million AI PCs by 2025.

Feng elaborated on this a little, confirming that Intel will produce 100 million CPUs for AI – that is, CPUs equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) specifically dedicated to workloads related to Artificial Intelligence – by 2025. With this wording, in fact, the company refers to the Intel Meteor Lake chips, presented at CES and which in recent weeks are arriving under the body of the first laptops high-endand you processori Intel Arrow Lakedue out in the second half of this year.

The Vice President of Intel then added that, of these 100 million CPUs, approximately 40 million will be produced in 2024, while another 60 million will arrive in 2025. Il boom of Artificial Intelligence, in short, should last for at least another 12 months. According to data from Nikkei Asia, this means that by next year around 20% of the PC market will be made up of computers with CPUs designed for AI and produced by Team Blue.

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Furthermore, among the other functions common to AI PCs, we should have a button dedicated to Microsoft’s Copilot, which will be present on every keyboard, and a Next generation integrated GPUwhich could assist the NPU in AI-related workloads, especially when it comes to image and video generation.

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