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4 Xbox exclusive games will be available on other gaming platforms – PCM

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4 Xbox exclusive games will be available on other gaming platforms – PCM

Microsoft’s head of Xbox business, Phil Spencer, has made an exciting announcement on the official podcast program “Updates on the Xbox Business.” It has been revealed that four Xbox games will be launched on other gaming platforms, marking a significant shift in the company’s strategy.

Despite this move, Spencer emphasized that Microsoft has not changed its basic strategy of exclusive games. The decision to release four games on other platforms has been made for special reasons. While Spencer did not disclose which four games will be included, he did mention that “Starfield” and “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” are not part of this lineup. Two of the games are described as “community-driven,” while the other two are smaller games.

Furthermore, Spencer noted that Microsoft is currently the largest game publisher for the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms, alluding to the fact that “other game platforms” includes these popular consoles.

According to Spencer, every decision made by Microsoft is for the long-term healthy development of the Xbox platform, including game performance, establishing the best platform for game creators, and reaching as many gamers as possible. He believes that now is the opportune time to leverage other gaming platforms to grow the Xbox franchise.

Spencer also expressed his belief that there will be fewer and fewer games exclusive to a single platform in the gaming industry, emphasizing that allowing Xbox games to be launched on other platforms will not harm the Xbox platform and will continue to promote growth.

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Additionally, the podcast revealed that the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers has exceeded 34 million, and “Diablo IV” will be launched on Game Pass Ultimate on March 28, adding to the excitement for Xbox gamers everywhere.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is clear that Microsoft is making strategic moves to adapt to the changing landscape, ensuring that their gaming experiences reach a wider audience while maintaining the health and growth of the Xbox platform.

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