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Bluetooth headphones from Skullcandy: Lidl offer under €35!

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Bluetooth headphones from Skullcandy: Lidl offer under €35!

Skullcandy’s Grind True Wireless Bluetooth headphones are currently on sale at Lidl. PR/Business Insider

Lidl is currently selling an AirPods alternative from Skullcandy: the Grind True Wireless*.

The RRP (recommended retail price) is only 79.99 euros, which is almost 70.00 euros cheaper than the AirPods. However, in Lidl’s offer, the Skullcandy headphones only cost 34.99 euros. The discount is therefore 45.00 euros or 56 percent.

The water and dust resistant headphones offer customizable sound, stay-aware mode and up to 40 hours of battery life. Click here to go directly to the offer at Lidl*.

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When it comes to in-ear Bluetooth headphones, there’s no getting around Apple’s AirPods. There are currently three different models that cost between 149.00 and 279.00 euros. There is also significantly cheaper Bluetooth headphones, which may even be better suited for Android users. These include, for example, Grind True Wireless headphones from the US tech manufacturer Skullcandy*.

Bluetooth headphones on offer at Lidl

Die RRP (recommended retail price) for the Bluetooth headphones from Skullcandy is only 79.99 euroswhich is around 70.00 euros below the cheapest AirPods. Even cheaper However, the Grind True Wireless headphones are at Lidlwhere they are currently on offer*. As part of the deal, the discounter Lidl is selling the in-ear Bluetooth headphones for only 34.99 euros. The discount: 45.00 euros or 56 percent.

Is Lidl’s offer worth it?

In fact, Lidl currently offers the best offer for this model. This is what the price comparison on Idealo* revealed. Other retailers don’t charge the full RRP, but you still have to an average of 60.00 euros for the headphones pay. Her spart also around 25.00 Eurosif you get the Skullcandy Grind True Wireless from a discount store. From a financial perspective, the offer is worthwhile.

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Skullcandy Grind True Wireless: This is what the Bluetooth headphones offer

And also the Equipment and functions the Bluetooth headphones sound very promising. So they come along customizable sound therefore. Based on a hearing test in the associated App The sound can be adapted to your own hearing (and preferences) so that your favorite songs sound even better. The same applies to them, by the way various button functions that can also be customized let. They also offer the so-called Stay-Aware-Modus, which still allows ambient noise to pass through, so that road traffic, conversations, etc. can be easily heard while you are in use. In addition, the headphones are also water and dust resistant and with one Battery life of up to 40 hours they have more than enough power for the whole day. They are in a sleek color Schwarz available and her striking design You might also like it with a skull logo. By the way: Of course the headphones can also for telephone calls be used. They have their integrated microphone to thank for this, too Voice commands be accepted.

Can the headphones from Lidl really keep up with the AirPods?

No question: Even the cheapest AirPods (the second generation of regular headphones) are better headphones than the Skullcandy Grind True Wireless. However, we also believe that Most users hardly notice these differences should. Music snobs and professionals might want to skip this offer, but who would? Everyday headphones If you need one, you could use the Skullcandy buds from Lidl good and, above all, cheap choice meet. This is supported by their features, their cool design and of course their low promotional price. In addition, they are for Android users should be interesting because the AirPods are not designed for Android devices.

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