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break the impasse and embrace digital

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break the impasse and embrace digital

The telecommunications represent the foundation on which the digital transformation. However, the industry is facing a deep crisis that requires urgent change. Consolidation is on the horizon and business models will need to evolve, focusing on high-value innovative servicesespecially in the B2B segment.

Telcos are and will be crucial to achieving the goals of Digital Decadebut to stimulate innovation, it is necessary foster alliances with Tech & IT companiesand accelerate to achieve that double transition that embraces both digital and green. Cloud, IoT and information security are the main ingredients of this recipe, essential for facing the challenges of Industry 5.0, smart cities, digital healthcare and digital tourism.

The role of the government is decisive: the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) are fundamental, but it is equally important to have a clear direction in terms of industrial policy. Representatives of national and international institutions, politics and industry, from telco to over the top (OTT), and players in the ICT and digital supply chain will meet in a debate to take stock of the evolution of the current scenario and future challenges.

The appointment is with the new edition of Telco per l’Italia which this year presents itself with the slogan “TechCo paradigm to return to growth”. The summit organized by CorCom, part of the Digital360 Network, will take place on June 15 starting from 9.30 am in hybrid formula: in presence at Roma Eventi – Piazza di Spagna and at the same time in streaming. Expected, among others, the intervention of the Undersecretary for Innovation Alessio Buttidell’Head of Unit “Investment in High-Capacity Networks” della Commissione Europea Franco Accordinoby Commissioner Agcom Massimiliano Capitanio.

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HERE for more information and to register for the event

A call to action for a new industrial policy

“Telecommunications are going through a deep crisis, marked by a further reduction in margins, reorganizations and redundancies for operators – he says Andrea Rangone, President of Digital360 – A change of pace is urgently needed, through a new industrial policy that supports investments for new networks in a crucial sector for the country’s digital transformation. While Telcos must focus on higher value services and new business models also through alliances with Tech & IT companies”.

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“The knots have come home to roost and it was to be expected, getting out of the impasse won’t be easy – he underlines Thousand Cornflowers, Director of CORCOM – A situation that jeopardizes the objectives of the PNRR in terms of ultra-broadband infrastructure which is also and above all decisive for the double digital & green transition. We need to act now.”

Telco’s agenda for Italy 2023


Moderated by Mila Fiordalisi, CorCom Director

Mila Fiordalisi, CorCom Director opens the proceedings

Speech by Andrea Rangone, President of Digital360

Speech by the Undersecretary for Innovation Alessio Butti

Speech by Franco Accordino, Head of Unit “Investment in High-Capacity Networks” European Commission

Telcos in the ford: a new business model is needed

Gianluca Corti, WindTre CEO

Pietro Labriola, Chief Executive Officer Tim

Benedetto Levi, iliad CEO

Platforms and telcos: how to grow together

Diego Ciulli, Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy Google Italy

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Roadmap, resources, simplifications: where are we?

Laura Di Raimondo, General Director of Asstel

Alessandro Gropelli, Deputy Director General Etno

Luigi Piergiovanni, President of Anie Sit

The infrastructural game and value services

Enrico Bagnasco, Sparkle Chief Executive Officer

Stefano Grieco, CEO of Nokia Italy

Federico Protto, CEO of Retelit and Irideos

Mario Rossetti, CEO of Open Fiber

Innovation, skills and new assets: Smart Nation objective

Cosimo Buccella, Chief Technology Officer OpNet

Giada Cosentino, Presales Director ZTE Italy

Michele Gressani, Managing Director Sirti Telco Infrastructures

Franco Spicciariello, Director Public Policy Italy & East Central and South-East Europe Amazon Web Services

The double digital & green challenge

Francesco De Bettin, President Dba Group

Federico Naldi, Country Sales Account Telco Comarch

Luca Rubaga, Managing Director Sirti Digital Solutions

Mattia Sbrozi, Head of Marketing Italy Google Cloud


Moderator Federica Meta, CorCom journalist

Speech by Massimiliano Capitanio, Agcom commissioner

Ultra-broadband and 5G, how much are Italians willing to spend?

Marco Grieco, Partner Responsabile Telecommunications, Media & Technology, South East Europe Oliver Wyman

The TLC crisis and the boomerang effect on the country

Alessandro Faraoni, General Secretary Fistel Cisl

Fabrizio Solari, Secretary General Slc Cgil

Salvo Ugliarolo, Secretary General of Uilcom

Industrial vision: say to politics

Andrea Dara, Lega Deputy and member of the Transport Commission and Tlc Camera

Salvatore Deidda, Brothers of Italy Deputy and President of the Transport Commission and Tlc Camera

Maurizio Gasparri, Senator Forza Italia and Vice President of the Senate

Antonino Iaria, 5 Star Movement Deputy and member of the Transport Commission and Tlc Camera

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Roberto Morassut, Deputy Democratic Party and Vice President of the Transport Commission and Tlc Camera

Giulia Pastorella, Action Deputy and member of the Transport Commission and Tlc Camera

Works closure

Mila Fiordalisi, Director of Corcom

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