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breaking WhatsApp channel, subscribe now!

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breaking WhatsApp channel, subscribe now!

Maybe some of you have seen that WhatsApp has a new feature, channels.

Channels are essentially groups in which only one person (the channel creator) can post. This is a way to follow interesting media, people, clubs, etc.

As you can probably imagine, I created my own WhatsApp channel for breaking.org. WOOO!

For the breaking WhatsApp channel click HERE

And as you can probably imagine now, I would be happy if you would subscribe to the channel.

What kind of content will you find on the breaking.org WhatsApp channel?

I would like to build the WhatsApp channel as a kind of mixture of “news feed” of newly published articles and “look behind the scenes”.

So it shouldn’t just be a “link collection” or RSS feed, but something with added value and perhaps some additional interesting information or problems that I had during testing.

Content will of course be quite “technical” and “nerdy”. So if you enjoy technology, this could be something for you.

There may also be references to YouTube videos and other exciting articles, etc.

For the breaking WhatsApp channel click HERE

For me it was an (unusual) experiment

It almost makes me a little uncomfortable to apply myself or breaking so boldly and ask you so directly for a subscription.

Then why did I create such a channel? As is often the case, it is of course about reach and also about independence.

Around 60-70% of my readers come via Google or a search engine. However, thanks to AI and other changes at Google, searches coming through to breaking are decreasing. This is not due to breaking or the content, but simply due to the “time”.

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Therefore, other sources of an influx of readers are of course worth their weight in gold. What are the options here?

Unfortunately, Facebook is pretty dead and in order to get reach you have to place ads here, which is not worth it for me. Instagram is not doing well in the tech space. Twitter or X, well, we don’t need to talk about that.

Apart from that, things get difficult.

Therefore, a small WhatsApp channel would be very helpful for me and I think it would also be a nice and non-intrusive way for you to follow breaking.org.

I would like to just start this as a small test and see how it develops. Of course I would be very happy about your support, it helps more than you might think!

For the breaking WhatsApp channel click HERE

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