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Brook Wingman XB 2 adapter, fully supports all generations of Xbox consoles and more than 125 handle controllers

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Brook Wingman XB 2 adapter, fully supports all generations of Xbox consoles and more than 125 handle controllers

Let’s fight the Master Chief again! Wingman XB 2 adapter allows more than 125 controllers

Cross-platform use on all series of Xbox consoles

Full support across 20 years and generations, from the original Xbox to the next generation XSX|S

Taiwanese game peripheral brand Brook released a new generation of Xbox adapter – Wingman XB 2 on December 6th. Through firmware updates, the list of supported controllers is continuously added, and even new functions are added, which is a major feature of Brook’s adapter products. Features, since the release of the first-generation Wingman XB adapter in October 2020, after two years of updates, the second-generation Wingman XB 2 now fully supports the entire generation of Xbox series consoles, in addition to supporting more than 125 original and auxiliary In addition to general handle controllers such as PS5/PS4/PS3/Switch/XSX/Xbox One/Elite 2, it can also support the “flying joystick” and “Taiko Master” control that were originally only available on PlayStation or Switch platforms. device”. Wingman XB 2 adapter priced at $1,390 is now on sale.

Brook firmly believes that “every player should be able to enjoy the fun of the game in his own unique style”, we create an exclusive adapter for each game console platform, and Wingman XB 2 brings players who love Xbox to have There are more than 125 cross-platform controllers to choose from. Players who love Xbox can use their favorite or existing game controllers to play on this platform. This also includes fighting platform and flight simulation. The controller, or even the taiko master controller, not only solves the problem of the player’s usage habits, but also makes the game more immersive and somatosensory. It saves a lot of money and avoids repeated purchases. Environmental damage. For diehard players of the Xbox camp, Wingman XB 2 also allows you to freely match handles and platforms of different generations, whether you use the “Elite Wireless Hand Controller 2” on the original Xbox, or use it on the XSX Using the Xbox 360 handle that has been with you for many years, with the help of Wingman XB 2, you can have a happy game time with the ultra-low latency wireless connection without feeling.

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In addition to the powerful support, the Wingman XB 2 adapter also provides the player with a 5-step combo speed setting function, and also supports the basic button customization function. In addition to changing the favorite button configuration by yourself, it also supports composite buttons from 1 button In addition, many European and American fighting game players have developed a way to overclock the Wingman XB adapter update rate on the PC, so that the Wingman XB 2 adapter not only provides controller lock on the PC The X-input signal makes it possible to hot-swap all kinds of cradles without restarting the game. Furthermore, in fighting games where milliseconds count, the cradle with #BrookInside’s ultra-low-latency command input allows the controller to Achieve lower latency, faster configuration!

For more information and details about the Wingman XB 2 adapter, players can check through the official website.
Or go to Shopee to buy now https://bit.ly/3BdgTzF

Wingman XB 2 video link: https://youtu.be/hGeAhdegkk0

Supported platforms:
✅ Xbox Series X|S
✅ Xbox One
✅ Xbox 360
✅ Original Xbox

☑ Support more than 125 kinds of handles & fighting platform
☑ Supports XSX, Xbox handles, Elite 2 handles and various wireless handles
☑ Support for Switch & PlayStation Taiko Master Controller
☑ Support PlayStation flight joystick controller (for Microsoft Flight Simulator)
☑ Plug and play super convenient
☑ Provide 5-segment burst frequency for setting & button customization
☑ Stable connection and ultra-low latency

Taiwan’s game peripheral brand Brook has more than 20 years of experience in game hardware design and manufacturing. In 2015, it launched a game console super adapter product, allowing your old game handles, joysticks, steering wheels, etc. to match with the new game console like a chameleon. Content, not only find new fun in life, but also save your budget. With unimaginable flexibility, adaptability and rich appearance, we will continue to strive to create more breakthrough and diversified home game console peripheral products, allowing you to enjoy the game world without any worries. #YourGameOurPlay

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