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Buy cheap eMeet Luna/Lite from 47€ (08/2023)

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Buy cheap eMeet Luna/Lite from 47€ (08/2023)

The eMeet Luna is an all-in-one device for conferences of all kinds. However, if you look at the price and the functions, this is more of a device for (smaller) companies or several people. It would be an alternative for private users, but of course a microphone and headphones are still far enough.

Die normal as well as the lite version you can get it on Amazon.de new best price von 47,49€, uses the 5% immediate discount.

In recent times, video conferencing and digital meetings have become increasingly important depending on the situation. It’s a good thing that there are manufacturers out there who specialize in exactly that, just like the manufacturer eMeet with your Bluetooth Konferenzlautsprecher Luna. A 360° all-in-one conference device that you can buy for a price 47,49€ on Amazon.de can buy.

design and hardware

The design of the eMeet Luna is quite practical. The design is round and all the necessary controls are on the surface. The bottom is rubberized and the dongle that goes with the speaker is also stowed there.

3 microphones and integrated battery

eMeet built into your device right away 3 microphones which should ensure a 360° recording and thus theoretically consistent recording quality from all directions. Unfortunately, the manufacturer keeps to himself what kind of loudspeaker has been installed. For mobile use there is a speaker in the speaker 2600 mAh battery installed, which according to the manufacturer for 15 hours conference should suffice.

software optimizations

The speaker’s functions include noise reduction and a Echo Compensation. For these two properties is the VoiceIA noise reduction algorithm responsible. This also filters out the background noise.

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Diverse connection options

Other features are the Voice tracking, 360° recordings and the Daisy Chain Funktion. With the daisy chain function, 2 Luna conference loudspeakers can be connected with one cable. eMeet says that this constellation is then suitable for 8 to 15 people and can therefore be used as a recording and playback device. The speaker offers various options for the connection, including USB, AUX, Bluetooth or you can use the included USB dongle.

eMeet Luna Lite

The Lite version of the eMeet Luna conference speaker is basically the same speaker, the only noticeable difference is in the connection options. Where the normal version also comes with a USB dongle as an alternative connection option, the Lite version does without this.

Test reports / experiences / opinions

The eMeet conference speaker reads solidly on paper. If the manufacturer can keep its promises regarding the functions, the eMeet Luna is a well-rounded package for companies or (demanding) private individuals. The latter should probably get away with a cheap headset or a stand microphone cheaper. We don’t want to say anything more specific about the audio and voice quality before a test.


Conference speakers360° audio recordingWireless connection possibleDaisy chain function

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