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Computer Rage – Happiness From A Video – VC (@VccTW)

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Computer Rage – Happiness From A Video – VC (@VccTW)

Please watch the following excellent video

After watching this video, I think it is happiness, because I am crazy, let me tell you.

In fact, the most classic is the first paragraph. This film probably appeared around 1999-2000. At that time, there were no flat-panel monitors, and Windows 98 had not been released for a long time. Windows 95, which is too bad, should be the mainstream.

There are many bugs in the previous software, especially the operating system. The most terrifying thing is that I wrote a large report. As a result, the system crashes, and all efforts are in vain, or the system hangs and I don’t know what to do. rage Computer anger.

I’ve done it, swearing loudly in anger, kicking tables in situations like this.

When this movie came out, I watched it in this building.

The reason why I want to watch this movie is because when I was writing a document at work, I encountered a weird phenomenon in the software, and I was a little muttered, so I took a deep breath, thought of this word, searched the Internet, and actually saw this movie.

Seeing the main character punching and kicking, the anger in my heart was released, my soul was expressed, and I felt a sense of relief.

Suddenly remembered that even if the computer hangs up, the current software still has automatic storage, and some even have cloud storage, and the most terrifying Matt City interface can be saved with Ctrl-Z, and a sense of happiness arises spontaneously.

In fact, I want to forget all the good things in the past, because that is the past.

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But this film suddenly reminded me of all kinds of things in the past. I remembered the place where I lived before, which was in a mountain city, and this was the street.

I suddenly remembered the sense of happiness of the quiet town, so I posted a picture.

One day when I went out to eat, I saw a school and walked in. I suddenly thought, why didn’t I get stopped by the guards?

It turned out that after the unblocking, the school also opened to outsiders to exercise. Watching the people exercising on the playground, listening to the long-lost insects, and breathing the fresh air, it is also a feeling of peace and happiness.

Perhaps happiness is a relative concept.

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