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COMPUTEX Debuts HTC and Telecommunications Industry Display Results | Sankei | Central News Agency CNA

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COMPUTEX Debuts HTC and Telecommunications Industry Display Results | Sankei | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Jiang Mingyan, Taipei, 30th) Taipei International Computer Show debuted today. HTC joined hands with major domestic and foreign manufacturers to exhibit virtual film production and 5G commercial applications; Chunghwa Telecom’s CSI’s independent research and development products won awards, and Far EasTone Telecom joined hands with 5 of its subsidiaries Xinchuang exhibited achievements across the fields of Internet of Vehicles and AI applications.

The 2023 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX 2023) debuted at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall today, and many manufacturers exhibited their research and development and operation results.

HTC announced today that it joined hands with Supermicro and MSI to participate in COMPUTEX respectively, and exhibited for the first time the mobile-friendly VIVE virtual film production solution VIVE Mars CamTrack at the conference. The HTC G REIGNS brand-new 5G mobile private network solution, showing HTC’s technology in virtual image production and 5G commercial application.

Bao Yongzhe, senior deputy general manager of HTC VIVE, said that the XR ecosystem of HTC VIVE consists of many horizontal and vertical technologies, including virtual image production, precise tracking and positioning, and 5G network technology. In response to the six major themes of this conference, HTC responded with products, namely the VIVE Mars CamTrack, which can make the original complex virtual image production work efficient and simple, and the new-generation 5G mobile professional with lighter appearance and faster speed. Network solution REIGN CORE S2.

He said that the former can bring an affordable virtual production studio to countless production companies and individual creators around the world, while the latter allows enterprises to deploy 5G high-speed environments in various venues.

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CSI International, a subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom, announced today that its self-developed product SecuTex Advanced Information Security Threat Defense System won the Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX 2023. Hong Jinfu, general manager of China Information Security International, said that the award for independent information security products is a major encouragement for China Information Security International to expand from a service company to an information security product company. At present, SecuTex products have been used in government, finance, key infrastructure, education, etc. The field has achieved sales performance and has been sold overseas. It is expected that there will be stronger growth this year.

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The Innovation Accelerator under Far EasTone joined hands with five partners to exhibit the results in the InnoVEX Innovation Exhibition Area of ​​COMPUTEX. Hu Demin, executive deputy general manager and chief information officer of Far EasTone Telecom, said that the Far EasTone Innovation Accelerator focuses on strategic investment, and looks forward to complementing the new innovation team in business development, becoming a long-term partner, further deepening the 5G industry, and seizing new economic business opportunities.

Far EasTone pointed out that the five start-up teams exhibited this time span the fields of Internet of Vehicles, AR/VR/holographic projection, AI applications, smart manufacturing, and finance and insurance. 5G industrial application goes overseas and accelerates the growth of Far EasTone’s new economy. (Editor: Lin Xingmeng) 1120530

Far EasTone Incubates New Ventures and Assists 5G, Drawing 3 Visions

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