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Corsair K70 Core D91501e91db7744f5bbf4f2a221fcb4c1

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Corsair K70 Core D91501e91db7744f5bbf4f2a221fcb4c1

Corsair Launches New K70 Core Keyboard with Linear Red Switches

Corsair, the renowned gaming peripherals and components manufacturer, has recently unveiled its latest addition to the K-series keyboards – the K70 Core. Boasting Corsair’s own Linear Red variant switch, the K70 Core offers a solid and satisfying typing experience.

Featuring a clean and subtle design with minimalistic lines, the K70 Core also comes with a multimedia watch face that offers a fantastic feel and click. The keys are smooth and graceful, with a good amount of resistance, making for a comfortable and efficient typing experience.

The keyboard is made of ABS plastic, with a top plate made of aluminum. However, some users have expressed disappointment at the absence of a wrist rest, especially given the keyboard’s price point, which can range from £90-110.

Additionally, some have noted that the fixed cables and relatively stiff rubber cables may not be to everyone’s liking, as they lack flexibility and could potentially be prone to breaking.

Despite these criticisms, the K70 Core has received praise for its excellent switches and overall build quality. However, some have highlighted that the absence of a wrist rest and the high price point may deter potential buyers.

Overall, Corsair’s K70 Core keyboard seems to offer a solid typing experience with its Linear Red switches, but whether it’s worth the investment will ultimately depend on individual preferences and priorities.

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