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Diablo IV, the Abbatior of Zir update is available, but… Blizzard still patches.

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Diablo IV, the Abbatior of Zir update is available, but… Blizzard still patches.

After an embarrassing first season to say the least, the second season of Diablo IV brought many players back to the game, already because they had abandoned it due to too long leveling and an endgame that offered little or nothing; yesterday evening, Blizzard released an update with a new mode relating to the second season (blood season) called Abbatior of Zir.

Well, this update introduces Lord Zir’s Slaughterhouse, which is nothing other than a very high level dungeon which, unlike the normal ones, has a ten minute timer to defeat the monsters and then makes Lord Zir appear as the final boss of the level and get rewards and move to the next level with increasing difficulty.

Unfortunately, Blizzard is not new to this, there is a very annoying bug that removes two levels from the characters’ highest glyphs (bug which should be fixed shortly); this is important because leveling a glyph requires a few runs (and therefore time) and then also for the fact that the software house, for the umpteenth time, apparently does not check the updates before releasing them, see both the launch of the game and of seasons where few managed to access it and with very long waits, as well as the impossibility of crossplay.

At the time we are writing this article, we become aware of the fact that Blizzard (geniuses) have disabled crossplay between console and PC users for the umpteenth time as they have released an update that fixes the glyph bug on PC; an update is expected on consoles today. This demonstrates once again the inefficiency of Blizzard which, despite creating very valid titles, always falls into this nonsense with every major update; obviously making mistakes is human but if you have had problems many times in the past, test the updates first, perhaps with a short open beta to make sure everything is fine.

Another serious problem that has emerged in this new mode is the fact that only those who have Unique Uber objects can attempt to face it (therefore not just maximum glyphs), since the dungeon level starts from 150 and therefore impossible for those who have normal unique equipment because he would be killed almost immediately. This is also serious due to the fact that Unique Ubers in Diablo IV are very rare to find and you have to have a lot of luck, in fact there are many testimonies of having made more than 500 runs from Duriel (the boss who gives the aforementioned objects) and not even having any found one; even, personally, I have read about streamers who in a whole day of live, with around 800 Duriel runs, did not have such loot. And here Blizzard, therefore, puts a gigantic limit on the players, where only the very lucky ones who have found the Unique Ubers can finish the levels of the new mode.

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Another sore point is also the materials required to create the dedicated seal, many of which can be obtained by destroying other seals found in-game but you have to waste a lot of time on them, as well as making many runs to gather the materials.

What can I say, Blizzard didn’t learn the lesson of season one where (as mentioned above) many players abandoned Diablo IV due to the problems listed at the beginning of the article, and now history is repeating itself with very angry fans who, obviously, lashed out against it on social media. On the other hand, for fans of the brand, Diablo 3 became a good game after about four years and now, eleven years later it is still fun; so you have to have a lot of patience with Blizzard because, let’s say, it’s a bit hard to understand players’ complaints.

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