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Disabled iPhone Flashlight Not Working: How to Fix

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Se Your iPhone flashlight remains turned off and it doesn’t even work if you try to force it on, there is likely a fault, something preventing it from starting as it should.

The flashlight is one of the tools we use most with our smartphone, it comes into operation every time Let’s take a photo with flashor we turn it on spontaneously when we need to make light of ourselves in different situations.

Usually, the flashlight failurea is easily solvable, just follow a few steps to get it working again. Below we will try to help you, if after various attempts, it continues to remain deactivated, you will have to contact assistance.

How to Test iPhone Flashlight

To understand if there are real ones flashlight problems of your device, you need to do something try. The first, the simplest and most immediate, is to activate the photo with flash. Open the application Camera and then tap on the lightning icon located at the top left. The circle should turn yellow to confirm the flashlight has started, then try taking a photo and see if the flash fires.

The second test involves the activation of the consent to LED flash for warningsgo up Settings > Accessibility > Audiovisual Content > Flash Led for alerts. By activating this feature, when you receive a call or message, the flashlight should turn on to confirm receipt of the notification.

These two tests are only to understand if the flashlight does not work at all, on any occasion.

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Why does the iPhone flashlight stay off?

If the flashlight is not working, we should look for the problem that is causing the malfunction. There can be various causes, so we will proceed step by step, excluding them one at a time.

iPhone overheated

A lot of energy is required to turn the flashlight on and off. In some conditions the device may prevent it from turning on, such as in the event of overheating.

The iPhone gets hot when you use it for too long consecutively or when you open many applications at the same time, even worse if it is connected to the charging socket. You should not use it while it is charging, and give it time to complete the charge.

If you notice that your iPhone is too hot, turn it off and store it in a place not exposed to the sun. Leave it there for about half an hour and then try turning it back on and starting the flashlight.

Low battery

The flashlight, like the camera, requires a large amount of energy to turn on, so if the iPhone’s battery level is low, less than 20%, the device may deny access to turn on.

To solve, you have to connect the iPhone to the charging socket and get the autonomy to at least 80%. Even in this case, we recommend that you turn off your phone and not use it while charging to speed up the operation.

Energy saving activated

The energy saving mode reduces the amount of energy used by the iPhone and is usually recommended when battery life goes below 20%. If Energy Saver is active, some features are inhibited or limited, including the downloading a system update or the True Tone effect.

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It may also happen that the iPhone keeps the flashlight turned off, as well as the camera. To check that the problem is not due to this activated mode go to Settings > Battery > Energy Saver.

What to do if the flashlight stays off

With the various attempts mentioned above, you should be able to reactivate the flashlight, however, if the problem continues to occur, you will have to contact technical assistance. At this point you have two options: If the iPhone is still under warranty, we suggest contact an original Apple center.

However, if the device is no longer covered, and you don’t want to wait for Apple assistance, you can take the device to any repair center.

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