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DYU C6 in the test: e-bike for 650 euros as a step-through bike with a powerful motor

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DYU C6 in the test: e-bike for 650 euros as a step-through bike with a powerful motor

The DYU C6 is a step-through bike with mudguard. This frame shape is easy to mount without having to lift a leg over the frame. In the past, such bicycles were simply called ladies’ bikes or Dutch bikes. This construction makes it easier to get on the bike and is known as a Holland bow or wave frame. It is characterized by a frame tube that is strongly bent downwards.

The Dutch bike offers an upright seating position, with the handlebars positioned close to the rider and with a flat steering head angle. In the meantime, this design is becoming more and more popular – also for e-bikes. Practical features such as a basket on the handlebars, a luggage rack and mudguards round off the equipment on an e-city bike.

construction & processing

The e-bike comes to the customer partially assembled in a large box. After unpacking, you notice that there are no instructions included. However, the sticker with a QR code on the handlebars makes us curious – behind it is a video as instructions. However, this deals with the individual steps too quickly and only superficially for our taste. After you have attached the front wheel and inserted the handlebars, you can assemble the basket and the pedals. After about 90 minutes we’re done.

The downward-bent frame makes it much easier to get on and ensures an upright sitting position. A luggage rack without clamps is available. There are also mudguards. Despite the low price, the bike feels solid overall. The welds look neatly finished. Only the plastic basket looks a bit too cheap, and the brown paint doesn’t help either.

Handlebar & Light

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Typical for a city bike or Dutch bike is the handlebar, which is strongly bent backwards. The distance between the saddle and the handlebars is also rather short, resulting in an upright riding position. The height of the handlebars can only be adjusted during assembly, it can only be adjusted later with effort, since the screw for fastening has to be loosened. This is located under a plastic cover.

There is no bell, an electric horn with a loud sound is used instead. However, according to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), this is not permitted in Germany. A throttle lever is integrated into the handlebar on the right, with which you can drive the DYU C6 like an e-scooter without pedalling. Unfortunately, this cannot be removed. In this case, the DYU C6 in Germany is an “e-bike” and not a pedelec.

For a bicycle to be considered a pedelec in Germany, the motor must not offer more than 250 watts of continuous power, support up to a maximum of 25 km/h and, apart from a push-on aid, not accelerate up to 6 km/h without pedalling. E-bikes with a throttle up to a speed of 25 km/h are then considered mopeds. This requires a corresponding driver’s license as well as approval as a moped and insurance number plate. It is questionable whether the DYU C6 has an approval for this. Wearing a suitable helmet for motorcycles is then mandatory. Cycle paths are only suitable if they are marked for “mopeds”. On the other hand, you can drive it on private property.

Other regulations sometimes apply abroad. You should pay attention to this before you use the bike on holiday. Unlike in Germany, the gas lever is not an obstacle in Austria, as long as the e-bike does not exceed 25 km/h and the motor does not have a continuous output of 250 watts. In Switzerland, the maximum speed without pedal assistance is 20 km/h, with pedal assistance it is 25 km/h. The motor can even have a continuous output of up to 500 watts for the Confederates.

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Gears & brakes

The Shimano gears offer six gears and switch reliably via a lever. There is an additional button for upshifting. Two disc brakes provide the necessary deceleration to keep the bike in place. This is a really good piece of equipment for the price. They work reliably, but could grip a little tighter for our taste.

Motor & Battery

It is driven by a rear hub motor. This pushes extremely powerfully, albeit slightly delayed. However, the support decreases noticeably at just over 21 km/h. With the throttle, on the other hand, the vehicle easily manages 25 km/h (according to GPS measurement by mobile phone).

The provider states an output of 350 watts. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether this is only the peak or continuous performance and could not be clarified in response to queries. If this is actually the continuous output, that would be 100 watts more than permitted for Germany and Austria (but not Switzerland). Unfortunately, both the CoC and the ABE certificate are missing. However, the DYU C6 is occasionally available at a slightly higher price as a variant with a 250-watt motor and seven-speed gearbox, which would be approved as a pedelec in Germany.

The battery sits on the bar under the saddle and is removable. A charger is included, so a full charge takes about 8 hours. The capacity is 12.5 Ah at 36 volts (450 Wh). This is quite ample and provides a more than decent range. Battery life varies depending on incline, weather and rider weight. With a driver weighing 85 kg, we think a range of around 50 km in urban areas is realistic.

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Driving behavior & ergonomics

The DYU C6 drives really well, even if the engine needs a few revolutions before it pushes powerfully from behind. The steering behavior is stable, the bike stays on track well. Driving is still comfortable for a person around 1.85 meters tall.

However, the rubber handles are uncomfortable for the hands in the long run. Driving with the throttle is really fun, but this is not permitted in this country. The permissible total weight of the DYU C6 is 120 kg. If you subtract the weight of 25 kg for the e-bike, there are still around 95 kg for the driver.

E-Bike DYU C6 – Bilderstrecke

E-Bike DYU C6 – Bilderstrecke


The DYU 6C costs at Geekmaxi with the coupon code AuGq3Bx currently only 649 Euro. That’s a really good price. Shipping is from European warehouses and is free of charge, there are no customs duties.


The DYU 6C is a very cheap and yet neatly finished e-bike with light, basket, luggage rack and mudguard. The electric motor is powerful. Unfortunately, with 350 watts it is too powerful to be street legal as a pedelec in Germany. The same applies to the integrated throttle, which would only be permitted in Austria.

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