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Electric cars from China in demand: VW and Co. are threatened with trouble from the Far East

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Electric cars from China in demand: VW and Co. are threatened with trouble from the Far East

More and more electric cars from China are coming to Germany. They may not yet appear often on the street. But they are already causing a lot of headaches for established manufacturers. For good reason, as a recent survey of potential buyers shows that Germans are open to the new name.

From BYD to Nio: Germans want Chinese electric cars

BYD, Nio, Geely, SAIC, Great Wall Motors – if you don’t pay close attention to the car market, you probably haven’t heard of these brands. After all, when it comes to electric cars, most people probably first think of Tesla. Then come VW, BMW and Mercedes, which can be seen here again and again with their electric models.

But the Chinese are on the rise – and apparently many customers are already waiting with open arms. If you are about to buy a new electric car, you can A majority of 40 percent imagine choosing a Chinese brand. This emerges from a self-reported representative survey commissioned by Autoscout24.

However, the 40 percent who are open to a Chinese electric car are only just ahead of the skeptics. For 38 percent, no brand from China would be considered, said the car portal in a statement. Another 21 percent abstained from the decisionmainly due to ignorance Chinese vehicles.

This imbalance in favor of the Chinese electric vehicles is all the more bitter for the long-established brands, as they are simply still very unknown. The The best-known Chinese brand in this country is apparently BYD. The battery manufacturer has achieved great success worldwide with its electric cars and would be the electric car manufacturer of choice in Germany for 9 percent of those surveyed.

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The selection of electric cars from China is growing and growing:

This is followed by the electric cars with removable batteries Nio (7 percent) and Geely (5 percent). It is apparently not clear to many people that Geely has long been established in the German market through its participation in Mercedes, the Smart joint venture and as the owner of Volvo and Polestar.

Overall, according to Autoscout24, Chinese manufacturers still have their priority relative obscurity gets in the way. This is likely to change in the future as more models come onto the market in Europe step by step and the advertising drum becomes more popular. European car manufacturers currently see the Chinese as their greatest competition, especially when it comes to electric cars and the batteries that are so important to them.

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