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Elmec Informatica presents the Sustainability Report

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Elmec Informatica presents the Sustainability Report

Elmec Informatica, Managed Services Provider of IT services and solutions for companies with over 730 employees and 155 million euros in turnover, lifted the veil on its new Corporate Sustainability Reporta reporting document that testifies to the constant commitment that the company places in promoting a work environment that is ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive.

Second Rinaldo Ballerio, President of Elmec Informatica, the success of a company is not measured only in terms of financial results, but also in the social impact it is able to generate. Therefore, Elmec Informatica will continue to invest in human resources and promote a workplace where employees feel valued, motivated and capable of giving their best.

Presented the new sustainability report, a step towards an eco-inclusive future

The new Sustainability Report brings together all the initiatives implemented by the company to generate a positive environmental and social impact. These actions comply with the criteria of Global Reporting Initiative and ofUN Sustainable Development Agendaensuring maximum responsibility in the company’s work.

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Among the most audacious initiatives, the project of Circular economy developed in collaboration with Buytec, a group company specializing in the reconditioning of smartphones, notebooks and tablets. The partnership aims to reduce waste and combat the planned obsolescence of technological devices. In 2022 alone, Elmec Informatica reconditioned 5,500 products, a trend destined to grow further in the future.

But Elmec Informatica’s commitment does not stop there. The company has initiated and supported projects dedicated to care and people’s health. Through new partnerships, such as the one with the LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Tumors) association, Elmec Informatica has offered 360 employees, men and women, the opportunity to undergo check-ups during working hours at the clinic corporate.

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Elmec Informatica is committed to a sustainable and healthy work environment

The new Elmec Informatica Sustainability Report was presented on Wednesday 7 June, on the occasion of company sustainability week, which took place from 5 to 8 June. During this week, employees and stakeholders had the opportunity to participate in a series of activities organized by the company, created to raise awareness and involve everyone in promoting sustainability.

In line with the mission to promote the sustainable mobilityElmec Solar, the Business Unit dedicated to renewable energy and photovoltaics, has encouraged the group’s employees to reach the office using public transport, bicycles or simply walking.

As part of Sustainability Week, the 50×50 Challengewith the slogan “bold steps”. A sporting challenge, open to all, which aims to support the Felicita Morandi Foundation, an organization committed to the fight against violence against women. For each person who has completed 50km on foot, 150km by bicycle or 10km by swim, Elmec Informatica will undertake to donate the same amount in euros to the Foundation. The collection will go to support the new one Refuge Housea safe place where women who are victims of willpower can receive protection together with their children.

And to conclude in style, Elmec Informatica organized the long-awaited event Summer partya moment of relaxation and fun for employees, dedicated to sport with tournaments in basketball, five-a-side football, table football, table tennis and much more.

To cover in detail the commitments and results obtained by Elmec Informatica in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, we invite you to download the new Sustainability Report at THIS LINK

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